Ex-White House strategist compares Conor McGregor’s political comments to Donald Trump amid Ireland riots

Conor McGregor rode Irish patriotism to full effect on his ascent to become the first simultaneous double champion in the UFC. “The Notorious” is the biggest star in the UFC and is also a controversial personality. Nevertheless, he is the man responsible for the popularity of the sport of MMA.

McGregor recently criticized the government of Ireland after riots broke out due to a naturalized Irish citizen attacking a school teacher and children. McGregor’s comments were deemed stereotypical by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Now, an ex-White House strategist has come forward and provided his take on the matter.

Ex-White House strategist compares Conor McGregor to Donald Trump

Steve Bannon, a political strategist for Donald Trump in Trump’s early months in the office recently spoke with Tucker Carlson about the current situation in the Republic of Ireland. “In turbulanet times, you’re gonna have the Donald Trumps step forward, Conor McGregors step forward,” said Bannon.

Apparently, Bannon is of the opinion that in turbulent times, the public will choose fighters instead of politicians. He credits that as the reason why Donald Trump was elected President in 2017. Bannon praised the efforts of McGregor for the Republic of Ireland. Bannon, who himself is Irish, admitted that McGregor has rough edges much like himself.

McGregor has been a vocal critic of the Politicians in Ireland in the recent past. He recently criticized a law in Ireland that enables non-Irish Citizens to vote. His anger reached a boiling point when a man of Algerian descent stabbed a teacher and multiple young children, of which one of the children is in serious condition.

McGregor has been out of action since the infamous leg break against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The Irishman is presumed to make his much-awaited return at UFC 300 against Michael Chandler, his rival coach from the recently concluded 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series.

Conor McGregor intensifies his Ireland’s immigration policy criticism

Conor McGregor’s criticism of the violent perpetrator did not go unnoticed by the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar. “I really would ask people to try and avoid connecting crime with migration. It’s not right,” Varadkar confirmed his stance on the Parnell Square school stabbing.

He further added, “a few migrants will commit terrible crimes, just as some Irish people commit crimes.” Apparently, Varadkar does not want a hate campaign going on around migrants. He elaborated the full story of the stabbing where the victims were also migrants and the people who came to save them were also migrants. Varakdar’s statements did not go unnoticed by McGregor.

The Irishman took it to X, formerly Twitter, to provide his clarification. “I do not connect crime with migration. I connect crime to your governments many failed policies in protecting and securing the inhabitants of Ireland”, tweeted McGregor. Apparently, McGregor is not against migration but against the migration of people with criminal background.

He further wrote, “There is a real lapse in national security. We need a brand new task force founded to assess all entrants into Ireland. Our natives and our visitors will all benefit with this peace of mind. We need deportation of those here illegally or that have committed a crime here. There needs to be a brand new unit founded specifically for this task.
Call it “Ireland Protect ☘️””

From the tweet, it was noticeable that what Conor McGregor wants is a peaceful country and stringent migration laws. He does not want people with criminal backgrounds or those who enter the country illegally to be protected by the government. He wants them deported.

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