“Godfather of attacking midfielders”: Joe Cole ranks Kevin De Bruyne over several PL legends

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world and definitely one of the best ever players to grace the Premier League. For years, he has been balling it out for Manchester City, and has won all the trophies for them. He has no doubt been the primary reason for their vast success in recent years.

Kevin is also highly rated as one of the best midfielders in the world, with many fans comparing him to other Premier League legends in his position. And now he has earned much deserved praise from another soccer legend.

Former Blues player hails Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne was once again the point of difference for Manchester City when they faced Crystal Palace. He scored a brilliant brace and registered an assist to ensure 4-2 victory over Crystal Palace, as they are bracing in for the final part of their title run. The brace has also etched him into the club’s history as he reaches the 100-goal milestone for them.

Former Chelsea legend and midfielder Joe Cole had some high praise for the Belgian after the game. He labeled him as the ‘Godfather of all the attacking midfielders’, “He’s the Godfather of attacking midfielders. He ranks above Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and everyone else. He’s outstanding, he stands shoulder to shoulder against any midfielder to play in the Premier League he’s such a talented boy.”

This statement may not sit well with fans from other clubs, but it is slowly becoming a reality. De Bruyne has put in immense performances in recent years, helping them to also win the treble last season. His return to the pitch has also boosted them in their title race against Liverpool and Arsenal. Everything from his stats to his playmaking, crossing and overall game ability speaks volumes about his caliber as a player.

Pep Guardiola praises Kevin De Bruyne following PL milestone

Manager Pep Guardiola also had some words of praise for his veteran player, who has once again helped him claim a victory. He called Kevin De Bruyne one of the club’s best players ever, “Ten years in Man City, the numbers, the presence, the consistency has been amazing. One of the best players in all our history of Man City.”

He also highlighted the fact that Kevin helped them salvage all three points today, “Today Kevin won the game. Without Kevin today, maybe we wouldn’t be able to win. We can talk about tactics but give me players like Kevin!” This is not the first time Pep has had mighty praise for one of his best players.

Manchester City are glad to have the player in such a crucial time as the Citizens are gearing up for the conclusion to the season. They are looking to win another trophy, and Kevin’s resurgence will definitely help them do that.

Kevin De Bruyne will now focus on his next game with Manchester City, which is a crucial first leg fixture against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter finals on Wednesday.

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