How did ex-Crystal Palace player turned adult film actor Oliver Spedding die at 34?

Oliver Spedding has had quite a life of adventure, from professional football at Crystal Palace to working as a painter and decorator to adult film entertainment. However, he’s not the only talent to have ever left football. Diego Maradona’s successor, Sonny Pike also left football to be a taxi driver.

However, Oliver Spedding, otherwise known as Damian Oliver, had quite an adventure in his lifetime, as he passed away a few days ago, as confirmed by his former club, Croydon FC, which shared a message of commiseration and observed some silence in his honour.

How did Oliver Spedding die?

After attempting a career in football, experiencing a period of incarceration, and working as a painter and decorator, Oliver entered the adult entertainment industry under the name Damian Oliver.

Unfortunately, Damian Oliver’s days of adventure are over, as he passed away after months of spreading false information about his pornstar girlfriend’s death.

Oliver Spedding‘s former club, Croydon FC, announced on the 17th of November the passing of their ex-player and held a minute’s silence on the 18th of November, 2023, further acknowledging his passing.

They released a statement saying, “Oliver played for the club over a couple of spells and was a much loved individual who always gave his utmost effort for the team.

Oliver Spedding
The Sun

“Oliver will be hugely missed by everyone at the club and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

Referring to the club’s nickname, the club added, “Rest in Peace, Ollie. Once a Tram, always a Tram.”

And as of today, the 22nd day of November 2023, the cause of Oliver Spedding’s death is yet to be confirmed.

Oliver Spedding once faked his po*nstar girlfriend’s death

Oliver Spedding, a former footballer in Crystal Palace’s academy, transitioned away from football after being unable to secure a place in the professional game. After a stint in prison, he embarked on a career in the adult entertainment industry, where he crossed paths with his current girlfriend, Sophie Anderson.

Before they met, Sophie Anderson was with Rebecca More, with whom she formed a particularly famous partnership in the porn industry. As soon as their relationship fell apart, Sophie got together with Oliver Spedding, who also makes adult films and goes by the name Damian Oliver. Many suspected that they had a serious relationship as they posted together often on their socials, especially this year.

In an unexpected turn of events, Damian Oliver announced on Twitter/X in September that Sophie Anderson had passed away. Screenshots circulated showing Oliver’s declaration of her unfortunate death. As of the current publication, one reply from Oliver providing funeral details remains accessible on Twitter and X.

Oliver Spedding
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The reported death of Sophie Anderson was later confirmed to be a hoax. On September 10th, Rebecca More verified that she had checked on Sophie, and the Metropolitan Police had spoken to her, confirming that she was okay. Damian Oliver initially accused More of lying but later posted a lengthy statement, admitting that the death hoax was a “drunken joke” that led to him spending 20 hours in a cell.

Additionally, Oliver claimed that he and Sophie were now married, and she was expecting his child.

It is unfortunate that Oliver Spedding had to leave the world at such a young age. We wish you comfort and peace in the afterlife.


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