“I don’t give a f*ck”: UFC champion Sean Strickland claims women’s MMA is ‘sh*t’, comparing NBA and WNBA

Sean Strickland is among those MMA fighters who are known for their friendly talks as well as their controversial comments, and it becomes a more serious matter when it comes from a champion who dominated the former champion in his last fight.

After setting an example at UFC 293 when Sean Strickland defeated Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision, he became one of the idolized fighters as he didn’t let Izzy counter his whole fight. But Stickland’s dominance over winning doesn’t match his words that often fail to win the hearts of people.

Sean Strickland hates women’s MMA

The UFC middleweight champion recently cried on the live show when he talked about his childhood trauma, but it’s the same champ who recently made a degrading comment on one part of MMA. This time, Sean Strickland made remarks on women’s MMA and compared it with Lion vs. Catfights.

Strickland said, “I don’t want to see two little cats fight. I want to see lions fight.”

The talk started when LGBTQ community members questioned him about his take on the WNBA, NBA, and women’s MMA. Strickland thinks no one is going to watch female fights in MMA if they separate male bouts from the events. Sean Strickland said, “If female MMA gets separated from male MMA, no one is going to watch this sh*t.”

The middleweight champion also added, “Here is the thing, guys. Let’s be honest, I am not going to be offensive. WNBA and NBA. Who watches what? Who makes more money? I don’t like to watch women’s MMA. I don’t think most people like to watch it.” While asking the audience who actually makes more money, is it a male or female section of MMA, he concluded his opinion by not going to watch it.

Sean Strickland’s anti-woman remarks

Earlier, a few months ago, the same thing happened when Sean Strickland was interviewed about his take on female members’ involvement in the workforce. He made serious comments about how allowing women to work has made men earn a lesser amount, which actually lets kids spoil their careers on social media.

Strickland said women should be put back in the kitchen like in the earlier 1940s, and this will justify the salary of men.

“We need to put women back in the kitchen. Only one man needs to be working, so as a collective man group, we need to elect someone who’s going to put women back in the kitchen, one man working, raise the wages, and build a f*****g wall,” Sean Strickland shared his opinion.

The one-time UFC middleweight champion had the same type of banter with ex-UFC female fighter Paige Vanzant when he posted a tweet where Paige once said she earns more on OnlyFans than a UFC fight. He came up with a response telling her that instead of her fighting skills, she was signed for her looks only.

What’s your take on being a champion, Sean Strickland, and continuously making remarks about women working in men’s working environments?

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