Is BKFC and UFC collaboration on the cards after David Feldman’s meeting with Dana White?

BKFC, the leading bare-knuckle promotion globally, has gained significant popularity, drawing the attention of Dana White, CEO of the UFC, the premier MMA promotion. David Feldman, the former professional boxer and owner of BKFC, recently engaged in discussions with Dana White, sparking a variety of rumors.

Mike Perry, the ex-UFC welterweight, has emerged as the face of BKFC, showcasing impressive performances in the ring. With victories over Michael Venom Page, Luke Rockhold, and Eddie Alvarez, Perry now holds the symbolic title of “King of Violence” in the bare-knuckle promotion.

Is BKFC going to partner with UFC?

David Feldman’s meeting with Dana White has created excitement among fight fans, sparking speculation about a potential UFC-BKFC partnership. While the UFC has refrained from collaborating with rival promotions, the prospect of such a partnership with BKFC raises the possibility of a shift in this approach.

Feldman has already collaborated with an MMA promotion before when Bellator MMA’s Michale Venom Page fought BKFC’s, Mike Perry. Feldman has earlier met RIZIN president Nobuyuki Sakakibara and has also welcomed personnel from Abu Dhabi to BKFC 57, the recent event of the promotion.

The UFC and the BKFC do not view each other as rival promotions as they represent different combat sports. Nonetheless, the two have had an exponential growth spurt in finance and business in recent years. The UFC recently went public but BKFC is still a privately owned company. The UFC has a propensity to acquire who they feel is a danger to their success as evident in their acquisition of Strikeforce, Pride, and WEC.

David Feldman sheds light on interaction with Dana White

David Feldman spoke to MMA Fighting, after his meeting with UFC CEO Dana White, shedding light on the discussion. However, he refrained from disclosing the full details of the meeting, leading to speculations circulating on social media.

“It was more of just creating an ally. That’s really all I have to say,” Feldman said of his meeting with Dana White. “It was great meeting, he’s a great guy. He’s doing his thing with UFC, and we’re going to do our thing with BKFC,” Feldman further added revealing the two companies’ plans to be the best in their respective domain.

“We’re going to be the biggest combat sport on the planet,” Feldman further said of his ambitious plan. At present, the UFC is the most popular combat sport. However, BKFC is fast growing in audience and PPV sales.

“We want to grow our sport. We want to make our sport the biggest it can be. If that means teaming up with other promotions, we have nothing against doing anything like that, “Feldman said of his plans to co-promote along with the UFC.

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