Jon Jones Injury: UFC heavyweight champion updates recovery and return timeline following elbow surgery

Jon Jones’ return has been the hot topic after the bout cancellation at UFC 295. The UFC heavyweight champion was supposed to defend his title against former champion Stipe Miocic, but something intervened in the bout that an athlete never wants to be part of.

Jones had already been subject to many controversies before his face-off with his opponents, especially Daniel Cormier. However, this time the fighter underwent a second surgery and will see less action in the coming days.

Jon Jones undergoes a second surgery on his left elbow

The heavyweight champion even apologized to his opponent, Stipe Miocic, for the UFC 295 withdrawal. Miocic last fought against Francis Ngannou in the month of March 2021, losing the belt via knockout against ‘Predator’.

After that, Miocic has been waiting for his turn to take back his throne. The wait was almost over for the former UFC heavyweight champion, but things didn’t go as he was expecting. Jon Jones suffered a pectoral muscle torn injury, resulting in 6 to 8 months of no training sessions or fights for the title.

Jon Jones suffered an elbow injury at UFC 152 against Vitor Belfort while defending the title. After that, he went for surgery on that particular area muscle. Since recovery, he has managed to maintain his winning streak with 10 fight wins on the trot. Now Jones wants to take this once and for all while he informs fans about his recovery update.

‘Bones’ said, “The good news is it’s about a 10-week healing process, and I’m out for months anyway because of this pec surgery, so I thought I’d just kill two birds and get this elbow taken care of once and for all.”

“I appreciate all the support. Your boy’s back in the sling, back on this recovery journey. I am still on this recovery journey. Sometimes you have to take a small step back in order to move forward, and I’m patient. I appreciate your support, your love, and your positive energy, and I will be back. I love you all.”

Later, he thanked fans for their support while informing them he was back on his recovery journey and taking care of both surgeries together.

When is Jon Jones coming back to the Octagon?

Jon Jones was supposed to make his return in the middle of this year, but the update he is now giving on his healing process has halted the plans of the UFC and Stipe Miocic. People were already talking about the potential return of ‘Bones’ and the possibility of another heavyweight championship fight this year, but the fight this time can be once again expected at year-end.

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Already, Tom Aspinall suggested the UFC strip Jon Jones of the title that UFC Hall of Famer and former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier supported.

What are your thoughts on 41-year-old Stipe Miocic’s next fight in the absence of Jon Jones? When do you think Jon Jones will make his return to the UFC Octagon?

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