Laura Sanko demands immediate rematch for ‘greatest featherweight’ Alexander Volkanovski after UFC 298 title loss

Alexander Volkanovski last weekend at UFC 298 received the career’s biggest setback. The win by Ilia Topuria may have impressed many MMA fans, but a UFC commentator feels it is an injustice to ignore an immediate rematch between “The Great” and Topuria.

The commentator mentioned several UFC greats, but singled out Alexander Volkanovski, expressing her belief that Volkanovski deserves a rematch to regain the title they recently lost. While this stance might seem biased, let’s explore the points she made in support of Volkanovski and her call for a rematch.

Laura Sanko claims Alexander Volkanovski deserves a rematch

Heartbroken Laura Sanko opened up about not liking the way the UFC 298 main event ended. Sanko didn’t like Alexander Volkanovski getting knocked out and demanding an immediate rematch. At UFC 298, “The Great” was defending his UFC featherweight title against undefeated Ilia Topuria. In the second round of the fight, Topuria showcased his power that he has always been talking about and knocked out the champion within 9 minutes of the fight.

According to UFC officials, Laura Sanko recently talked about her take on the UFC 298 main event fight. Sanko, while talking to MMA fighters, talked about her mixed feelings: “I’m heartbroken for Alexander Volkanovski, but I am simultaneously overjoyed for Ilia Topuria, and it’s a mix of emotions. Everybody went crazy backstage, too.”

Later, Laura Sanko explained the rematch talk. “Ideally, Volk would take just the right amount of time. You don’t want him to sit out so long that his age becomes a bigger factor. I do think ring rust is more of a factor; the older you are, the lower the weight classes. You don’t want him out; he doesn’t lose timing, speed, and all those things you need to keep sharp on a daily basis.”

Sanko Continued “But I do think he needs a bit of a break. Although he has 100 percent earned a rematch, as dominant champions always do, I think that rematch will be there for him when he is rested up and ready to take it on. In the meantime, my wish fight would be for Ilia Topuria to fight Max Holloway. That is the fight that I really want to see at featherweight; however, the winner of Yair Rodriguez vs. Brian Ortega, I don’t hate either.”

In the UFC featherweight division, only Alexander Volkanovski was able to stop Max Holloway. And Holloway has had zero losses against any of the opponents in featherweight except “the great,” so Laura Sanko’s anticipated bout between Max and Topuria can be the topic of discussion in the UFC.

Laura Sanko names Volkanovski ‘greatest featherweight’ despite the loss

Despite the shocking loss of Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298, Laura Sanko still backs “The Great” as the greatest featherweight champion. For Sanko, one loss won’t define the career of Alexander; instead, he made lots of memories in the UFC while becoming the champion and defending the championship belt.

Sanko Believes A former featherweight champion is still the greatest “We are where we are, and he is still the greatest featherweight of all time at this point. I’ve felt that way for a long time. I think so. And yes, the greats get beat. The greats get beat. This is my problem with the MMA hummingbird memory. One loss does not erase greatness. Those are not the same things. When you talk about featherweight greats, you’re talking Jose Aldo, you’re talking Max Holloway, and you’re talking Alexander Volkanovski.”

For more than 1500 days, Alexander Volkanovski had a UFC featherweight belt wrapped around his waist. And this record-breaking title reign broke last weekend, but history has been made. From winning the fight at UFC 245 in December 2019 to losing the title in February 2024, the five-year journey of Volkanvski is still under many experts consideration.

What do you think Alexander Volkanovski will do in his rematch against Ilia Topuria?

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