Sean Strickland claims ‘Lords work’ after ex-UFC icon accuses him of bullying

Sean Strickland is known for his trolling comments about his opponents and many other famous personalities. After winning the UFC middleweight championship belt last year and now losing it in January, Sean got more fans to follow him.

Making comments on people’s works has put Sean Strickland in the spotlight many times. Recently, Rapper Sneako got interested in sharing a sparring session with former UFC middleweight champion Jake Shields, which ended up provoking Jake Shields. And now the ex-UFC icon has been in a war of words with Sean on social media.

Sean Strickland shuts down critiques with a blunt response.

Everyone is aware of how serious Sean Strickland is when it comes to training for his fights. With a less attractive physique, he has what it takes to become the champion, which explains why the ratio of his career wins to losses stands at 28:6. But what got interesting recently was when rapper Sneako got himself into fighting with the professional UFC fighter. Nicolas “Nico” Kenn De Balinthazy recently tried a sparring session with the former UFC champion to test how it is like to be in the cage and face the professional MMA fighter’s power.

Many fans criticized the 32-year-old for his act as a non-fighter. But Jake Shield recently gave an award of the week to Strickland after he watched a clip posted on Strickland’s Twitter. Sean Strickland was caught talking to Machine Gun Kelly and giving him some hard words at an event that can be observed through body language.

Jake Shields criticized the former UFC middleweight champion with the word “bully,” but in reply, in his own style, he tweeted, “I’m doing the Lord’s work, Jake.” Shields, before criticizing Sean Strickland, talked about the incident as well as what made him call the former UFC middleweight champion a bully.

Jake Shields slams. Sean Strickland

After witnessing the “Bully” kind incident for the second time last week, Shields gave the former UFC champion an award in his tweet, “Sean Strickland wins the bully of the week award.” This was influenced after Sneako was beaten in a sparring session by Sean first then ragging act on MGK.

Also about the whole incident with Sneako, Jake Shield revealed he knew Sneako was going to spar with Sean Strickland, and he also gave some training to the rapper. Though Shield tried convincing a music artist that this could be a bad idea, he already committed. As per the Sportskeeda coverage, the former UFC icon revealed, “Strickland beat Sneako senseless, but he never quit and never complained.” Though later Shields commended the rapper for having a massive report of being in blood, he still wanted to train after the sparring session ended.

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