Song Yadong asks Sean Strickland to “set a good example” instead of engaging in “baseless stereotypes” following controversial comments

Sean Strickland has a penchant for attracting controversy with his outspoken remarks. His remarks on social media about sensitive topics have made him a lot of enemies. Strickland’s conservative political and social views often come at odds with many inside and outside the MMA circle.

The UFC middleweight champion was heavily critical of Belal Muhammad for his pro-Palestinian stance. Strickland recently engaged in a social media tirade with former women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko for his apparent misogynistic remarks.

Song Yadong responds to Sean Strickland’s controversial remarks

Sean Strickland’s recent tweet criticizing the People’s Republic of China did not go unnoticed by one of the top Chinese prospects in the UFC. Song Yadong, the seventh-ranked bantamweight, scheduled to fight former champion Petr Yan, took offense to Strickland’s comments criticizing his country for exporters of Plastic and Covid.

“Hey champ, I respect your skills as a fighter, but we should be talking facts, not baseless stereotypes,” commented Yadong on Strickland’s tweet respecting the skills of the middleweight champion but also urging the champion to not fall into stereotypical and prejudiced notions of China.

“As athletes, we ought to focus on what we know best and avoid making unfounded comments. Let’s set a good example, alright?” Yadong further added urging Strickland to avoid making baseless accusations and thereby set a standard as a role model.

Yadong, who headlined the last UFC Fight Night event of 2023 against Chris Gutierrez, will be looking to fight for the title next if successful against former champion Petr Yan at UFC 299. Strickland will be in action at UFC 297 when he puts the middleweight title on the line against Dricus Du Plessis.

Sean Strickland’s dislike for China highlighted in verbal assault on Israel Adesanya

Sean Strickland harbors deep anti-Chinese sentiment which is rampant in the conservative circles of the USA, particularly after the Covid-19 outbreak. His anti-Chinese remarks were in full display preluding his title fight against Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. Adesanya, who has stayed in China during his Kickboxing days is deeply respective of the Chinese culture.

Throughout the events preluding the fight between Adesanya and Strickland at UFC 293, Strickland had called Adesanya many cuss words with ‘Chinese’ as the prefix. Nevertheless, he backed up his tirade as he comfortably won the fight with Adesanya via unanimous decision and thereby claimed the UFC middleweight title.

Even after the victory, Strickland’s view of Adesanya and China has not changed as he is particularly open about it in multiple interviews. Strickland’s anti-Chinese image has taken a backseat after recent incidents involving Ian Garry and Dricus Du Plessis.

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