“They wanna see me hurt”: N3on wants to fight in the UFC after Dana White banned him from 296 event

After making his name in the world of live streaming, has evolved a lot at a very young age. He started with gaming and now makes content for different sports, showing how versatile young streamers can be. Known for his trolling nature, Mikyle Rafiq is once again getting involved with the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship CEO Dana White once banned N3on from entering the arena when Donald Trump was present and supported his favorite fighter, Colby Covington. However, this time, N3on wants to make his way into the cage not just as a spectator.

N3on wants to fight in the UFC

Despite the embarrassment of being denied entry to the arena, N3on continues to express interest in securing an opportunity with the biggest MMA promotion company.

Following the controversies outside the UFC arena a month ago, there is potential for a new twist or direction in the famous streamer’s life. Mikyle Rafiq’s trolling may face an unexpected turn, surprising the young streamer with an unanticipated move from a major organization like the UFC.

N3on is looking excited to fight in the UFC if officials give him the call. On his talk show, the 19-year-old openly shared his aspiration for a potential bout in the UFC cage, expressing indifference towards the possible outcome. The streamer said he knows it is embarrassing to get knocked out, but he is ready to work for one of the biggest sports companies in the world. Rafiq expressed his interest in pursuing a career as a boxer and also to join the UFC. Interestingly, he disclosed that UFC officials compared his popularity and that of the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

He also added, “They wanna to see me hurt.” Before N3on makes his move into the UFC, his boxing dream may come true sooner as famous fellow streamer Adin Ross showed up for his next potential opponent.

Why did Dana White ban N3on from UFC 296?

The interest in the youngster gas been growing since the controversy that unfolded on the night of UFC 296 when Colby Covington faced UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. During this event, former USA president Donald Trump was backing Covington. N3on was also about to be present in the arena.

Although it was a sporting event, the 19-year-old attempted a bold move in the UFC Arena. He publicly announced his intention to confront Trump just before entering the arena, sharing the plan via social media while sitting in his car.

Just to stop any unwanted controversy, Dana White decided to ban N3on from entering the UFC 296 Arena, and at the gate, he was stopped by security and sent back.

To prevent any potential controversy, Dana White chose to ban N3on from entering the UFC 296 Arena. Security at the gate stopped him, and he was sent back.

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