UFC 300 Fight Card: Dana White confirms two more major fights ft. Justin Gaethje or the lightweight BMF belt

UFC 300 has finally announced a championship match for the men’s division. Dana White recently took to social media, and as promised last week on another Tuesday, he stacked this upcoming historic UFC event.

Last week, Dana White made a shocking announcement about the first title defense that is set to take place at UFC 300 between Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan. After that, a few announcements were made, stacking up the event’s former champions.

Dana White announces two more major fights for UFC 300

This Tuesday, the UFC President had some surprises for the fans, as it was time to bring the people’s favorite to the octagon cage. The two major bouts were announced, and one bout will have a UFC veteran who just got praised for his win at UFC Vegas recently from the side of Dana White himself.

Another bout is a symbolic title fight that also took place six months ago in the Octagon between two tough competitors in the UFC lightweight division.

Dana White opened with Jim Miller, who won at UFC Vegas, which will host UFC 300’s historic event. Miller is set to face off against Bobby Green. This fight will also be historic, as Jim will become the first fighter in UFC history to participate in a monumental event. He previously competed at UFC 100 and UFC 200, and now he has been selected to headline the main event at UFC 300.

Another fight is set to take place between the former UFC featherweight champion and the UFC BMF champion for the symbolic title fight.

“Two of the best strikers in the sport, two of the most durable guys in the sport, two of the most aggressive guys in the sport,” the UFC CEO said.

“Gaethje destroys all guys with leg kicks and power in both hands.

“Max is regarded by many as the best boxer in the UFC and has made many top 10 guys look like they don’t even belong in there with him.

“Two of the all-time greats in their divisions, and this fight will be five rounds for the BMF title.”

Justin Gaethje is set to face Max Holloway for the BMF title

After Dana White made confirmation about another title fight set to feature on April 13th, fans also looked excited. This bout will feature fans’ favorite and high-profile fighter Max Holloway, and he will try to grab another UFC title on his UFC 300 main event night.

However, after winning the BMF title, Justin Gaethje made serious comments about his future fight. He called the BMF title “stupid” and asked the UFC president to give it another shot at the UFC lightweight title.

But Dana White has asked him to first defend this title against one of the UFC greats, Holloway. Justin Gaethje has already had two chances for the UFC lightweight title. He first lost against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254, then lost the fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 274. This can also be the reason from the UFC management side to first let Gaethje prove his worth, then think about giving him a real title shot.

What do you think the symbolic title fight between the two best strikers of the UFC will bring to fans on the night of UFC 300?

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