UFC champ Sean Strickland goes on furious rant at “big f*cking p*ssy” Colby Covington for disrespecting Leon Edwards’ father

Colby Covington’s remarks about his opponent Leon Edwards‘ deceased father at the UFC 296 Press Conference did not go well with other UFC fighters. The remark, made at the pre-fight press conference, made Edward throw a water bottle at Covington, who was seated on the other side.

Sean Strickland, who was at the UFC 2024 Seasonal Press Conference along with other champions and challengers, had some words to say about Covington’s remarks. It needs to be noted that Strickland and Covington do not see eye-to-eye.

Sean Strickland brutally slams Colby Covington

UFC 2024 Seasonal Press Conference featured the main eventers of UFC 297, UFC 298, and UFC 299. Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis locked horns at the press conference, where the topic of Colby Covington was discussed after being asked by one of the reporters.

“Let me give you some facts on Colby. Colby is an utter piece of sh*t,” said Strickland, the welterweight title challenger. Covington had earlier remarked that Strickland is an inferior fighter, and he plans to fight for the middleweight title after UFC 296. Covington’s opponent, Leon Edwards, also hinted at his interest in the middleweight title.

However, Covington was all praise for Leon Edwards. “Leon’s mom, Leon’s mom, dad, bad guy, good guy—it doesn’t matter. He raised the boy; she raised the boy to be a man, to win a title, to be a good man.” Strickland applauded Edwards and his mom for their perseverance in their hard life.

“A real American would applaud him for that,” said Strickland, bashing Covington for his comments on Leon Edwards’ deceased father. “Colby is a fake and if he was standing here right next to me, the only thing he would do is call 911 because he is the definition of a piece of shit,” Strickland further bashed Covington, who has called cops on fighters on multiple occasions.

Colby Covington’s remarks on Leon Edwards’ dad

The UFC 296 Press Conference featured an ensemble trash-talking group of Colby Covington, Paddy Pimblett, and Tony Ferguson. Ian Garry, another controversial trash talker, was absent due to his fight being pulled out after he contracted pneumonia.

The press conference had a lot of controversy, particularly due to Covington’s remarks about Leon Edwards’ deceased father. “I’m bringing you the seventh layer of hell. We’ll say what’s up to your dad while we’re there,” said Covington at the press conference. An upset Edwards threw his water bottle at Covington and proceeded to confront Covington, but was stopped by security personnel.

“Little fucking pussy! Look, he’s got his Ultimate Feeling Champion. He ain’t no Ultimate Fighting Champion; he’s Ultimate Feeling Champion.”, Covington proceeded to trash-talk Edwards. Covington’s remark was not accepted by the UFC community. Many fighters tweeted their disappointment in Covington’s remarks.

Both Covington and Edwards have plans to fight for the middleweight title after UFC 296. However, the backup fighter for the fight, Belal Muhammad, was critical of their plans, citing the plethora of contenders available in the division. Covington has stated on record that he does not want to fight ‘racist’ Belal Muhammad. Covington is also eyeing a trilogy fight with Kamaru Usman.

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