What is Dana White’s F**k it Fridays? UFC boss tries fried spaghetti while donning a “free Hasbulla” t-shirt

Dana White and Hasbulla are close friends who share the same passion for the UFC. The CEO of the UFC and the Russian national have been seen together at UFC events in the Middle East, where they appeared to be on good terms.

White is known for his unique lifestyle, including being an avid gambler and sneakerhead. While managing fighters is his primary focus, the 54-year-old is also known for standing up for his friends, as demonstrated in the case of Joe Rogan.

What is Dana White’s F**k it Fridays?

Dana White’s “F*** It Friday” series on Instagram is a widely recognized and influential social media venture that reaches well beyond his direct followers. The series features White engaging in unconventional and trending food combinations and concepts, tapping into the fascination with unique culinary ideas.

The idea for “F*** It Friday” came about when White stumbled upon a KFC donut fried chicken sandwich commercial that intrigued him with its innovative concept. This led White to challenge UFC chefs to replicate the dish, resulting in positive feedback and the birth of the “F*** It Friday” series.

In this series, Dana White explores various innovative food ideas sourced from social media, sharing cooking instructions and personally sampling the prepared dishes, offering his unfiltered and candid opinions. The show’s popularity stems from its unique blend of culinary experimentation, entertainment value, and the UFC CEO’s honest reviews.

Dana White
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Apart from the series, Dana White has a busy schedule ahead with the final three pay-per-view events of 2023. UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi is followed by UFC 295 in MSG and finally UFC 296 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Dana White dons a “free Hasbulla” t-shirt while trying fried spaghetti

UFC fans recently expressed worry over the well-being of Hasbulla Magomedov, a popular figure in the fighting community. Recently, UFC CEO, Dana White was spotted wearing a distinctive t-shirt featuring Hasbulla’s prominent mugshot. White was wearing it on the recent episode of F**k It Friday. This led to widespread speculation and concerns about whether the diminutive fighter was currently incarcerated.

Dana White
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The t-shirt, featuring Hasbulla’s image with the words ‘free Hasbulla,’ was not meant to indicate his current imprisonment. This garment was actually created by the Full Send Podcast, a popular YouTube channel known for its collaborations with Dana White and their positive relationship with Hasbulla. The shirt was made to promote the podcast’s brand.Earlier this year, Hasbulla did face legal issues in Russia related to a violation of traffic rules during post-wedding celebrations.

This resulted in a brief period of arrest, as evidenced by a picture showing Hasbulla with a monitoring device. However, it appears that Hasbulla is not currently incarcerated. The speculation surrounding his imprisonment may have arisen from a misunderstanding. Hasbulla is known to be very close to Khabib Nurmagomedov and his entourage.

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