5 years after owning Air Jordan-inspired “Catch 23”, Michael Jordan pockets portion of $5,790,000 prize pool in fishing competition

Michael Jordan, renowned for his skills on the basketball court, is also a passionate sports fisherman. He spends his free time participating in fishing tournaments across the country, and he has a fancy $8 million yacht called “Catch 23” to help him do so in style.

The six-time NBA champion played in the 32nd MidAtlantic Tournament that began on August 20. With their hard work, his team was able to reel in a massive 75-pound fish. They placed third in the white marlin category thanks to their catch, earning them a huge amount. Jordan’s success in fishing tournaments is evidence of his wide range of interests outside of his famed basketball career.

Michael Jordan pockets $462,318 in fishing tournament

It costs over $1 million per year to operate a Viking 80 sports yacht like Jordan’s “Catch 23,” which is equipped with high-end amenities and can go at high speeds. After selling the Charlotte Hornets for an unprecedented $3 billion, Jordan can easily afford this price.

With these tools at his disposal, he shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the yacht in racing shape. With their third-place finish in the white marlin category in the previous tournament, Michael Jordan and his team earned a handsome reward of $462,318.

Michael Jordan has spent countless hours on his boat competing in fishing events over the past few years. He talked about how fishing helped him improve in a skill he was never particularly good at in an interview with Australian Story published in 2021. He said: “The trick is to settle those nerves. Because of this, I go fishing a lot more frequently.”

Michael Jordan said that fishing’s emphasis on patience and preparedness is a good fit for his competitive personality and serves as a healthy outlet for his boundless energy.

Everything to know about MJ’s $8 million superyacht

The $80 million luxury superyacht Joy owned by basketball legend Michael Jordan is a public declaration of his love for the sea. A fitting homage to Jordan’s status as a basketball legend, this 230-foot luxurious vessel features cutting-edge design, sufficient room, and a private full-length basketball court. But that’s not the end of his fascination with the sea. He enjoys sports fishing so much that he owns the $8 million fishing vessel Catch 23.

The Dutch shipyard Feadship built Joy with twin 1,850 horsepower engines that allow her to go at 12 knots while cruising and 16 knots at full throttle. Jordan and his friends were last seen in 2019 on a sailing trip to St. Barts on Joy.

Glass walls and large windows throughout the ship let in plenty of natural light and frame breathtaking views of the ocean from every cabin. Joy has seven staterooms spread throughout her five decks, the largest of which is a master suite with a private patio and panoramic views. With space for up to 12 guests and 19 crew members, this boat is the epitome of elegance and relaxation. It features a bar, jacuzzi, gym, and even a full-length basketball court.

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