Joel Embiid creates NBA Play-off history against Knicks

Joel Embiid had shown immense confidence in his Philly side even after trailing by 2-0 in the playoff series against the NY Knicks. The Sixers center believed that they would make a comeback and made it possible with his 50-point contribution in Game 3.

The New Yorkers entered the Wells Fargo Center with a two-game lead but couldn’t stand a chance against Embiid’s attacks. The Cameroonian tried hitting 19 shots from the field and succeeded in converting 68.4% of them (13). He accurately shot 5-of-7 threes and 19 free throws out of 21 he had attempted.

By adding massive points to the scoreboard, Joel Embiid etched his name on the league’s history as the only center to score 50 points along with 5 threes in a playoff game. The 30-year-old finished the night with 8 rebounds and 4 assists as well.

Although the Knicks kept themselves a step or two from the Sixers in the first two quarters on Thursday night, they had a strong comeback in the third quarter that was hard for the New York squad to outscore.

The credit goes to Joel Embiid, who had just recovered from his chronic meniscus injury to help Philadelphia in the crucial post-game tournament. However, it seems like the big man is not done dealing with tough times as more troubles follow him.

Joel Embiid reportedly dealing with Bell’s Palsy

Joel Embiid was spotted in sunglasses at the post-game press conference. While many would think it was a style statement, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski clarified by stating that the 7-time All-Star has been infected with Bell’s Palsy.

According to the Insider, it “impacts facial muscles in one-half of face.”

Sharing the issue with reporters, Embiid said, “I think it started a day or two before the (play-in tournament) Miami game. I had bad migraines. I thought it was nothing. Usually, I don’t like to check it out. But for some reason I ended up having to tell somebody.” He talked about facing its side effects during the play-in game against the Miami Heat.

“Pretty annoying with the left side of my face, my mouth and my eye. It’s been tough, but I’m not a quitter… It’s unfortunate… got to keep pushing,” added the 7-footer.

Embiid further mentioned that his left eye is constantly drying. Even with these conditions, if the Sixers’ center could perform like this, then one can only imagine his form once he recovers. He will get an opportunity to put up a great show against the Knicks on Sunday, where Joel Embiid certainly would like to avoid the controversial fouls like those in Game 3.

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