“This ain’t WWE”: Kelly Oubre Jr. responds to dirty play accusations on Joel Embiid

The NY Knicks and Sixers series so far has been marred with controversies. After game 2’s controversial finale, game 3 saw its fair share of dissension.

In game 3, Joel Embiid etched his name in the NBA history books, but that was overshadowed by some questionable on-field moments featuring the Cameroonian. While the Knicks camp accused the reigning MVP of dirty play, his teammate Kelly Oubre Jr. didn’t buy into what the NY team had to say.

On being asked about the situation by “The Post”, the forward said, “I’m not gonna comment on what they’re commenting on. They’re gonna hit, then we hit back, then they cry…Let’s just hoop, this ain’t the WWE.”

Kelly is keeping himself focused on what lies ahead after pointing out the duality of the situation. While Oubre Jr. might not be too interested in what his opponents have to say, he just might want to listen carefully to what the police may say.

Kelly Oubre Jr.’s accident leads to internal affairs investigation

Following the second game of the series, Kelly Oubre Jr. crashed his Lamborghini on Tuesday night. While the Sixers man left the scene unscathed, his car wasn’t that lucky as it had to be towed out of the spot.

But now PPD’s Internal Affairs Division is launching an investigation to confirm if there was any special treatment given to the 28-year-old. After violating the red light and wrecking a Hyundai Elantra, Kelly was not issued a ticket or checked for a breathalyzer test. The officer who responded to the site will be investigated, according to TMZ, to determine if he left Kelly off the hook due to his NBA affiliation.

As this story develops off the court, fans and neutrals will be looking forward to yet another smash-mouth game on Sunday when the Sixers face the Knicks in game 4 of the series.

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