7 years after revealing Yao Ming’s trickery, Shaquille O’Neal reconnects with the Rockets legend in China

Shaquille O’Neal is the favorite big man of the NBA. Almost everyone who knows or follows basketball has heard of Shaq, the NBA legend now is a popular internet personality and a well-known sports analyst. However, the player Shaq was a different being, in his playing days he was an unstoppable force asserting dominance all over the court.

Very few people could have stopped him, and the former Houston Rockets player Yao Ming was among the few people that had the ability to stop Shaq Diesel. Shaquille O’Neal even applauded him during his Hall of Fame speech seven years ago and in his usual sense of humor revealed how Yao Ming tricked him for 3 whole years.

Shaquille links up with Yao Ming in China

Seven years after his teasing speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Shaquille O’Neal met Yao Ming in China. Shaq posted a video of him interacting and greeting his old friend and colleague from his playing days. Both Yao and Shaq looked happy to meet each other and exchanged a few words. Yao then proceeded to invite Shaq to have a seat.

Yao Ming had a short but memorable career in the NB and was one of the pioneers of the rising basketball popularity in China. He helped popularize NBA in the Asian countries and broke the barriers between the east and the west. He played for only eight season and is an eight-time NBA All-Star. He decided to retire in 2011 after having many injuries but during his career he cemented himself as one of the greatest Chinese players to play in the NBA.

O’Neal revealed how Yao tricked him for 3 years

7 years ago, during his Basketball Hall of Fame speech, Shaquille O’Neal revealed how he was tricked by Yao Ming for three whole years. He talked about how Ming had blocked three of his shots consecutively and people think he is 7’7. Shaq then went on to joke and said, “People like to think he is 7’7 but he is more like my favorite convenience store Seven Eleven.”

Shaquille O'Neal
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Shaq applauded Ming and said that he was a great player then revealed how he was tricked by him for three years. Shaq said, “He tricked me, three years I never spoke to Yao, I thought there was a language barrier. And in one game he hit me with a fadeaway.” Shaq then appreciate Ming and said, “Hey ya, Nice move” to which Ming replied, “Thanks, my brother.”

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Shaq was surprised to see Ming speak English and confronted him about this. Ming said that of course he spoke English, but Shaq never talked to him, so he never knew. This was Shaq Diesel’s usual way of narrating an incident with a little taste of his sense of hum our mixed in. Overall, it made for a good speech and deepened the friendship between Shaq and Ming.

What do you think of Shaquille O’Neal and Yao Ming? How do you find Shaq’s narrative of being tricked by Yao Ming? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share with us.

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