Aaron Rodgers accused of murder which was nothing but accident

After putting an end to a prolonged journey with the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers is finally going to be a starting quarterback for the New York Jets this season. Taking over Brett Favre’s place to be the Packers QB1, he led the franchise for 18 years and earned a Super Bowl title during that tenure.

Rodgers’ and the Packers had been in a snow war before finding their way to the Big Apple. A-Rod was committed to his ex-team before losing his place to Jordan and the team too had been loyal to their former star. However, once the four-time MVP suddenly found himself involved in a murder case following a silly mistake of a reporter.

Aaron Rodgers accidentally implicated in a murder

The New England Patriots’ former tight end Aaron Hernandez was alleged of first-degree murder back in June 2013 for the shooting death of the former semi-professional footballer Odin Lloyd whose body was later found in an industrial park in Massachusetts near Hernandez’s home

ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap was providing analysis of the TE’s murder charges live when he was being sent to jail. However, his slip of the tongue created a huge issue instantly. Schaap mixed up between Rodgers and Hernandez and mistakenly told the evidence that might be implicating the Packers ex-QB saying, “There is a lot of evidence, albeit circumstantial, implicating Aaron Rodgers in the death of Odin Lloyd.”

Rodgers reacted to the mishap on social media

Lloyd’s death news had been hitting headlines every day back then with new information about the murder revealing one after another. Hence, Aaron got wind of the slip-up and took to Twitter to deliver a simple post saying,” Not funny ESPN.”

Fans got more excited following A-Rod‘s tweet it was his first post in five days back in the time. The 10-time Pro-Bowler seemingly didn’t see Schaap’s mistake happen live and took five hours to notice the incident to post about it later. The reporter was also quick to respond after the veteran QB’s post saying, “funny, no. But I did correct myself, right then, which of course the clip does not include.”

A slip of the tongue might not create an issue in every scenario. Nevertheless, when the incident is so sensitive, it would become an intriguing fact for anyone and Rodgers’ humble call out was also praiseworthy.


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