Chargers select Notre Dame receiver Joe Alt with the fifth overall pick

The Los Angeles Chargers made a clever move in the 2024 NFL Draft by selecting Notre Dame offensive tackle Joe Alt with the fifth overall pick on Thursday night. Alt, widely regarded as the top offensive lineman in the draft, brings a wealth of talent and potential to the Chargers’ offensive line.

Alt’s selection marks a significant moment for the Chargers franchise, as he becomes the highest-drafted player for the team since 2016 when they picked defensive end Joey Bosa third overall out of Ohio State.

Interestingly, the former Notre Dame player’s NFL journey comes full circle as he follows in the footsteps of his father, John Alt, who was drafted 21st overall by the Kansas City Chiefs four decades ago. John Alt enjoyed a successful career in the NFL, earning Pro Bowl honors twice and starting 149 games over 14 seasons with the Chiefs.

For the 21-year-old receiver, football runs in the family. He credits his father, who also served as his coach from youth ball through high school, for instilling in him a love for the game and helping him develop his skills on the field.

“He was the one getting me out there on the ball. We made it work,” he said, per Notre Dame Insider.

Nevertheless, the Chargers decision to pick Joe Alt over other promising prospects raised questions that the team’s new head coach Jim Harbaugh remained quick to address following his draft.

Jim Harbaugh reveals the reason behind drafting Joe Alt 

The Chargers faced a significant challenge this offseason with the departure of star wide receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Fans were eager to see the team address these voids by adding high-profile receivers like Malik Nabers and Brenden Rice to their roster.

Nevertheless, when the Chargers ultimately selected Joe Alt with their first-round pick, some fans were left feeling disappointed. They had hoped for a new offensive weapon to bolster the team’s receiving corps, especially considering Nabers was chosen by the Giants just one pick later.

In response to questions about the team’s decision, new head coach Jim Harbaugh stood by their choice to draft Alt. He emphasized the importance of offensive linemen, viewing them as essential “weapons” for the team.

“I know the question is gonna come up about weapons….We look at offensive lineman as weapons,” he said.

Throughout the offseason, Harbaugh and his coaching staff have emphasized the importance of building strength in the trenches. By selecting Alt, the Chargers are prioritizing the protection of Herbert and aiming to improve their run game, which has struggled in recent years.

Harbaugh’s coaching philosophy has proven successful throughout his Michigan career, and Alt’s addition to the team aligns with this approach. As the Chargers look to build a competitive roster for the upcoming season, strengthening the offensive line is a strategic move that could pay dividends on the field.

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