Brandon Aiyuk’s contract talks heat up as the 49ers seek high price

As the San Francisco 49ers’ star receiver Brandon Aiyuk approaches the final year of his contract, discussions surrounding his future have intensified.

According to insights gathered by Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle, the 49ers are seeking a 2024 first-round draft pick in exchange for Aiyuk’s services. Yet, this demand has been met with skepticism by NFL executives, who deem it “too much.”

Silver’s findings also suggest that while the 49ers are holding firm on their asking price, some teams are exploring the possibility of offering a second-round selection.

“To this point, the 49ers have asked for a 2024 first-round pick. They want too much’, said the executive, whose team is in the market for a receiver. However, another team’s GM said he believes the 49ers might ultimately accept a second-round selection,” Silver wrote.

While an analyst felt motivated to suggest a hypothetical trade regarding the wide receiver, General Manager John Lynch has expressed positive news. Lynch shared his desire to retain the talented receiver for the entirety of his NFL career.

Nevertheless, though the receiver himself has expressed his preference to remain with the 49ers, the absence of a new contract agreement leaves room for the possibility of a trade in the near future.

Brandon Aiyuk wants to be with the 49ers

Amid ongoing contract negotiations, Brandon Aiyuk has made headlines by opting out of the team’s voluntary workouts. Nevertheless, his personal coach, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, has clarified that his absence should not be misconstrued as a desire to leave the 49ers.

According to Houshmandzadeh, the 25-year-old receiver remains committed to the team but is adamant about receiving fair compensation for his contributions.

“I talked to BA. He don’t want to leave San Francisco. He just wants to get paid. Just very simple. He wants to be rewarded for the work that he has put in,” Houshmandzadeh said.

Aiyuk is set to earn $14.1 million for the 2024 NFL season under his fifth-year option, per NBC Sports Bay Area. He has also not formally requested to be moved from the team.

Nevertheless, any potential trade deals are likely to materialize after the first round of the draft. Should no trade materialize by then, it suggests that Aiyuk will remain with the 49ers for the upcoming season.

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