7 years on: fans unite with Mike Tyson to pay heartfelt tribute to late boxing legend Muhammad Ali “Legends never die”

Muhammad Ali is not only regarded as one of the best boxers in history but also holds a prominent place as one of the greatest sports personalities of all time. Even after seven years after his passing, the boxing world, including Mike Tyson, continues to remember the legend with profound admiration and respect.

Mike also achieved tremendous success as a heavyweight in his own right. It might surprise some that he never aspired to emulate Ali, widely recognized as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Nevertheless, Mike holds nothing but profound respect and admiration for Ali.

Mike Tyson pays heartfelt tribute to Muhammad Ali

Yesterday, the youngest heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, expressed his profound respect for Muhammad Ali, the late great boxer, in a heartfelt tribute.

Despite Tyson’s own legendary status in the boxing world, he acknowledged Ali’s unparalleled position and immense contributions to the sport.

In a touching gesture, Mike shared an old picture of himself seated beside Ali, evoking strong reactions and comments from boxing fans worldwide.

This tweet may come as a surprise to those who perceived Tyson as considering himself the greatest, as he openly referred to Ali as the greatest, shattering any misconceptions about his views on their respective legacies.

Boxing fans joins Mike Tyson in remembering the legend Muhammad Ali

The comment section of Tyson’s tribute post to Muhammad Ali became a global gathering point for boxing fans from all corners of the world, uniting to share their thoughts and reflections on these two iconic figures in the sport of boxing.

Brad Willis said, “When I was a boy, saw Ali in the lobby of an L.A. hotel. Wanted to meet him, so dad (RIP) took me over. “Muhammad, my son would like to meet you, if you have a moment.” He was so kind and gracious. Seemed like he was happy to meet me too. ”

Another user remembered an incident when Mike was asked about a match between him and Ali, and Iron Mike replied: “I know I am great, but in this situation, every head must bow, every tongue must confess that he is the G.O.A.T .”

Mike Gotch considering both of them as the greatest said, “Nice photo Mike. There you are. Two of the greatest boxers from all of Boxing History. Both of you had very special journeys in your quests to become World Champions.”

“I see a GOAT Muhammad Ali and I see The Greatest in my lifetime .. you at a young age and reaching the level of Greatness.  I applaud how far you came and never looked back!! Team Tyson since the 80’s” another user commented.

Sibanda, who is yet to figure out who he should consider as the GOAT expressed his opinion saying, “We might not be sure who is the greatest between you two. But definitely, the greatest boxer of all time is in this picture.”

“#ThankyouGod that they have never met in the ring cause I would have not handled that type of adrenaline, not for one second.” said a user.

Barry Cockeram remembered an old incident as he commented,” He’s inspirational. The almost 30-year-old video of the reveal of Muhammad being the one to light the ‘96 Olympic torch still makes me well up and brush away a tear. ”

Who do you think is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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