Aaron Rodgers’ injury evokes painful memories of Vinny Testaverde for the Jets

The New York Jets started the season with sky-high expectations for a bombastic season with 18-years vet player Aaron Rodgers. The iconic quarterback set his mind on winning the Super Bowl this season for the Jets which let the fans dream of a Lombardi Trophy.

Though the Jets got an A+ for winning their season-opening game against the Buffalo Bills, the night marked a devastating blow for the team due to Rodger’s projected season-ending injury. Unexpectedly, the great quarterback’s injury bears unsettling echoes of a sad Jets incident with their former NFL player Vinny Testaverde.

Rodgers’ ankle woes awaken ghosts of Vinny Testaverde for the Jets

The Jet’s new offensive leader Aaron left the field in his debut match due to an apparent injury after being sacked by a Bill’s player. The terrible incident, however, brought back for the Jets’ fanbase, the recollections of Opening Day 1999, when Testaverde collapsed to the ground with a ruptured Achilles.

Aaron’s injury occurred in front of the former player as he was present as an honorary captain for the opening coin toss. Following the four-time NFL MVP’s injury, Testaverde also could not but hold back from remembering the night.

“It brought back some bad memories,” Testaverde told

Rodgers’ injury saddened the former football star and he could not bring himself out of expressing his grief over A-Rod’s injury. Testaverde hopes that the squad’s new leader’s injuries would not end up being similar to his one.

“Just kind of holding our breath after seeing him walk off the field very gingerly. … Hopefully, it’s not serious.”

The team’s coach Robert Saleh fears Rodgers has a torn Achilles though he is now set to take an MRI to determine his latest injury status.

How many years did Vinny Testaverde play for the Jets?

New York is the hometown of the former NFL superstar Vinny Testaverde and he played for the Big Apple team for seven consecutive seasons from 1998 to 2003. During this stint, he recorded for 12,497 yards and 77 touchdowns.


Testaverde helped the Jets make the playoffs in 1998 and 2001 with his superb playmaking skills. With the Jets, he had a record of 35–26, marking him the fourth-most successful quarterback in their franchise history with 35 victories.

Vinny’s tenure in New York was distinguished by the Jets’ glimmering time, despite the fact that it began with a tragic injury. All of the supporters are crossing their fingers that Rodgers’ time with the Jets will be equally successful and just as rewarding as the former quarterback’s.

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