Aaron Rodgers reportedly to debut for Jets in NFL preseason finale against Giants after five-year absence

The preseason games, which are typically intended for rotating players, don’t have the same significance for veterans. Thus, Aaron Rodgers, an 18-year veteran, was seen skipping some of the Green Bay Packers’ most recent preseason games.

However, after a new beginning with the New York Jets this season, the 39-year-olds’ passion, way of life, and goal seem to be changed a lot. He said the Jets “rejuvenated” him, however, for them, he has taken a big decision regarding their last preseason game.

Jets’ Aaron Rodgers reportedly to debut against Giants in NFL preseason finale

Rodgers missed the first three preseason games of the Jets, sitting on the sideline and wearing a headset while Zach Wilson grabbed the chance to start those games. Following a single victory over the Carolina Panthers and two losses to the Cleaveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Jets announced a piece of great news.

According to reports, the four-time MVP is set to begin the Jets’ final preseason game against the Buffalo Bills on September 11th. As the team’s head coach Robert Saleh, stated earlier, if he felt the team’s starters needed additional practice, he would participate in the last game. However, with the Jets’ two crushing defeats, Aarons’ presence on the field and assumption of the starting job has become somewhat mandatory.

Aaron Rodgers last played a preseason game in 2018 with the Packers

A-rod hasn’t participated in a preseason game since 2018, claiming he didn’t see the point in playing just one series and instead wanted to concentrate on the regular-season contest.

“I definitely don’t see any benefit to playing one series. If we’re going to play, we should play and play a quarter, a couple of series, two to three series. Just suiting up for four plays, to me, is a waste.”

Yet, after arriving in New York City, the player who initially called the preseason games “a waste” seems to have changed his views. The ten-time Pro Bowler stated during training camp that he would not mind playing in a preseason game for the Jets if head coach Saleh demanded it.

Report: Aaron Rodgers will play in Jets' final preseason game - NBC Sports

“I wouldn’t mind playing in the preseason. I wouldn’t mind if Robert said ‘Hey, we are going to go. Let’s do it.’ “Most coaches have that fear where they want to get you to the Week 1 and not risk it, but I believe there is a chance for the last one.”

Although the Jets have not yet announced their game plan, Aaron’s comeback could be a significant occasion for both the team and the league as a whole.

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