Aaron Rodgers’ return in the air as Jets reportedly made ambitious plays for Davante Adams and Mike Evans

All the cameras were set to frame a new and fresh start for the New York Jets and former Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers. Nevertheless, after Rodgers left them in the wake of their journey due to his season-ending Achilles injury, the team somehow managed to salvage their season with Zach Wilson.

As Rodgers is already in the process of a swift road to recovery, the NY team also kept their search on to find the best weapon for their quarterback before his return, yet the result came out as an unsuccessful one for the team.

Jets’ attempted reunion of Rodgers and Adams

The NFL trade deadline was scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. ET. Prior to that, all the team bagged the weapons they lacked so far. Surprisingly, the Jets presented themselves as neither a seller nor a buyer before the deadline.

Nevertheless, reports note that the Jets were also vying to add two key players to their roster, yet their offers were turned down. Per the Mirror, the Gang Green had repeated discussions with the Las Vegas Raiders for Davante Adams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Mike Evans.


The team acquired Aaron so easily this offseason but failed to grab both of their desired players. Meanwhile, the Jets general manager Joe Douglas, hit some inquiries on their motive for trade. Douglas was honest in his take, unfolding their interest in trade while claiming their potential trade partners’ unwillingness for the trade.

“There need to be buyers, there need to be sellers. We made a lot of inquiries and had a lot of discussions about a lot of different positions but ultimately didn’t get any other deals done. That’s where we are.”

If the Jets got their desired deal done, the team’s offense could obviously receive a boost, the team which recently beat three teams at a stretch to reestablish their stature.

 Adams tossed 539 receiving yards and three touchdowns for a floundering 3-5 Raiders team. The team’s other choice, Evans tallied 507 yards and five touchdowns for the Bucks sitting at 3-4. This could be a reunion for Dvante Adams with Aaron Rodgers, who was Aaron’s quarterback in Green Bay from 2014-21. Adams himself was yearning to play beside his former teammate again.

Taylor Lewan drops hint on Aaron Rodgers’ December return

On his appearance on the “Up and Adams” show Monday, Taylor Lewan shared his candid thoughts on A-Rod’s comeback on the field. At first, Lewan told host Kay Adams that if they focus on the process that an Achilles injury normally takes, the return of the Jet’s superstar this season is seemingly impossible.

“I think, going back to injuries, people saying Achilles injuries are six to nine months, I would assume he’s not going to play during the season,” he said.

The four-time MVP already stirred controversy with his smooth recovery process, raising concerns among some medical experts. Though the 39-year-old is yet to check some boxes to demand to return, he is eyeing to make his return this season.

In this regard, Lewan kept saying that if this ultimately happens, the quarterback is to be said above all the science that framed six to nine months to recover from an Achilles injury.

“If he plays and he can stay healthy and can be the Aaron Rodgers we all know and love… that’s where we are literally throwing out the medical book on everything.”

What is your opinion? Do you think Aaron Rodgers can conquer science?

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