After agreeing to four-year, $150,000,000 deal with Saints, Derek Carr provides his candid feelings on Raiders release

This offseason, following a heated misunderstanding, Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders called it quits on their nine-year relationship. Since then, Carr has accepted a four-year, $150,000,000 deal with the New Orleans Saints this season, but his thinking still seems to be constrained by the Raiders’ disappointing end.

The miscommunication appears to have touched his family members too which led his wife to cry at that time. Although he may be relieved to see the end of the relationship with the Raiders, he continues to wish them success successful.

Saints QB Derek Carr offers his honest feelings on Raider’s release

With two games left in the regular season last year, the Raiders decided to part ways with their veteran quarterback, and on February 14 of this year, they finally called it quits. He helped the squad to a 6-9 record before getting benched.

The 32-year-old quarterback was “upset” and “mad” over being released despite being one of the top five quarterbacks in franchise history after Ken Stabler, Daryle Lamonica, Jim Plunkett, and Rich Gannon.

Carrs’ adventure with the Saints only began this season after spending the previous nine years in silver and black, and he is still getting used to it. Regardless, the former Raiders player is aiming for a strong start with the Saints after feeling renewed and invigorated in New Orleans.

“Whenever you get released somewhere there’s that fire. You get rejuvenated and you feel refreshed. It’s been great inside our building.”

Derek previously expressed grief for not giving his best effort during the previous season; as a result, he did not want his former comrade to experience those same emotions. He expressed his best wishes for a successful season to his old squad rather than harboring animosity.

“I’ve got no hard feelings towards any of my guys, I want those guys to succeed because I know when you don’t succeed, it’s tough and it’s hard,” Carr said. “It’s hard on your family and everybody. I don’t want that for my friends.”

During his nine excellent seasons with the Raiders, DC established himself as the team’s all-time leader in passing yards (35,222), passing touchdowns (217), and wins (63).

Why did the Raiders want to get rid of Derek Carr?

The no-trade clause in Carr’s contract, which the seasoned quarterback refused to release, played a financial role in the Raiders’ decision to waive him. Ian Rapoport claims that both parties also decided to take a break in order to “avoid the obvious distractions.”

Even though the outcome was unsatisfactory, general manager Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels of the Raiders jointly offered their appreciation and good wishes to the veteran.

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“We have a lot of respect for Derek Carr and what he has meant to the Raiders organization for the last nine years. Derek has done great things in this league and we’re thankful to have been able to work with him this past year. He is a true professional and we appreciate his hard work in striving to produce the results we all desire. We wish Derek and his family all the best in the future.”

Forgetting everything from the past, both parties started a new path, which was probably the wisest course of action for them rather than sticking together while carrying grudges.

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