After Austin Reaves’ player of the game award at FIBA World Cup, supporters chanted Taylor Swift’s name, reigniting relationship rumors

Austin Reaves, a big for the Los Angeles Lakers, has attracted a lot of attention after leading Team USA to a championship at the 2023 FIBA World Cup. This has led some fans to wonder about his personal life.

Reaves fielded inquiries from fans regarding his personal life at a sneaker event where he debuted his new signature shoe in collaboration with Chinese athletic gear brand Rigorer. When asked if he was available, he simply said, “No.” The followers of Reaves were piqued by this disclosure since it gave them insight into his private life.

Balance his international basketball efforts with the curiosity surrounding his personal connections, and Reaves continues to generate buzz for both his on- and off-court exploits.

Fans chant Taylor Swift’s name during Austin Reaves’ presser

While promoting his new signature sneaker with Chinese athletic wear company Rigorer, Reaves engaged in some friendly banter with admirers. Reaves responded playfully to a question about his dating life by saying, “No,” drawing a similar tone of humor from the listeners.

At one point, the crowd started screaming “Taylor Swift,” alluding to the recent memes that have circulated online linking Reaves to the world-famous music sensation in a romantic way. Despite Reaves’ denial of his relationship with Taylor Swift, the story spread like wildfire on social media. On stage, Reaves could be seen grinning and scratching his head as he got caught up in the friendly banter.

Reaves was on fire recently when he contributed 15 pts to the United States victory over Greece. Reaves is still an important member of the U.S. national team as they prepare to play Jordan in their final group stage match, despite the amusing rumors about his possible romantic interest in Swift.

Austin Reaves wins player of the match award

Austin Reaves, who played both ways in high school and was not selected in the NBA draft, has had a fantastic journey that has taken his basketball career to new heights.

His career has been nothing short of amazing, and it culminated in a major honor when he was selected Player of the Game for his outstanding performance in relief during Team USA’s lopsided FIBA World Cup victory over Greece.

Austin Reaves showed his second unit’s influence once again by scoring 15 pts, 5 rebs, 6 assists demonstrating his all-around game.

The fact that he can step in and help out in a variety of ways for Team USA, is a big reason why he has received so much praise: he is there to back up the starters when they need a break, he does what Coach Steve Kerr tells him to do, and he is versatile. Given his value contract and the fact that he quickly became a key player for the Lakers last year, Reaves has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps improving at this rate.

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