After the Browns thrashed Joe Burrow’s Bengals, QB Deshaun Watson spotted parting with his teammates

The Cleveland Browns walked away from Week 1 with a convincing win over their division rivals Cincinnati Bengals. Through the superb victory, the Brown’s Deshaun Watson hinted that they’re on a mission to emerge as Lombardi Trophy contenders this season and the victory was a heck of a way to start.

The incredible win was a direct shot for Deshaun Watson’s detractors, and after the match, he did not miss the opportunity to smack them in the face by celebrating his team’s first win of the season.

Deshaun Watson celebrating a huge win with his friends

The Broncos signed Deshaun to a fully guaranteed $230 million contract last season to fortify their quarterback room. Hence, the three-time Pro Bowler hopes to give the Broncos his finest performance in exchange for their continued faith in him.

The star quarterback performed admirably in his first game of the season, earning a 67.3 rating. Deshaun Watson did not forget to celebrate the victorious night after their outstanding triumph over one of the best teams in the league.

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Deshaun Watson celebrates wildly after the game

After the game, Deshaun Watson was seen having a good time with his teammates, who were all seen dancing erratically in a restaurant.

Browns defeat Bengals

All eyes were on the Bengals after their star QB Joe Burrow hinted at a terrific season in relation to a question about the league’s best quarterback. However, the Celeveland Browns’ defense stopped Burrow, helping the team start the season with a 24-3 victory over the Bengals in Week 1.

However, weather conditions throughout the entire game had a visible effect on both teams, as evidenced by sloppy passes, and players slipping, dropping, and fumbling. The Bengals suffered the most from it, and the entire Bengals offense had trouble. Joe Burrow, the new highest-paid player in the NFL, was unable to provide his best performance on Sunday and was limited to a career-low 82 yards passing while the Bengals’ receivers also struggled.

The Browns, on the other hand, were the ones who used their early advantage to run down the clock. Their opening drive was stopped dead in its tracks when Watson ran for the team’s first touchdown before going on to complete 16 of 29 passes for 154 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

Deshaun Watson

S Grant Delpit contributed significantly to their triumph by making 8 tackles against the Bengals. Running back Nick Chubb of the Browns displayed one of his greatest performances while catching four passes for 21 yards. On 40 tries, the Browns amassed 206 rushing yards on Sunday, as opposed to 76 by the Bengals.

Do you believe the Browns can establish themselves as a Super Bowl contender after their astounding victory? Let us know in the comment box.

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