Alex Pereira exposes his ex-girlfriend’s romantic history with two men in one day: “I have a video of her assaulting me”

Alex Pereira, the GLORY Kickboxing Hall of Famer, made history in the UFC as he became a two-division champion with a knockout victory at UFC 295. Pereira accomplished this feat in only his eighth UFC fight, setting a promotional record.

Pereira, a fan favorite, had been in the spotlight due to his relationship with his girlfriend, Merle. However, the couple recently ended their relationship and has started throwing shades at each other on social media, much to the surprise of the MMA community.

Alex Pereira exposes his ex-girlfriend

Alex Pereira recently exposed his ex-girlfriend Merle in a recent interview with revelations that shook the MMA community by storm. “It’s hard to talk about this because, for me, I deleted this person from my life. I would also like to ask my fans to delete her from your life,” said Pereira.

“She was a person I believed in. I put her in my house, together with my family. After all, I found out that she was married,” Pereira revealed that he was unaware of Merle’s married status in the entirety of his relationship with the German woman. Pereira is a divorced man and has two boys from that relationship.

The revelation from Pereira did not go unnoticed by Merle as she provided her side of the story on social media which appeared to debunk Pereira’s claims. However, Pereira countered back with proof of his claims on his official Instagram post.

“Merle thinks she can manipulate you. I’ve been talking to her ex-husband for a few days, and today I know what she’s capable of,” posted Pereira on his Instagram with screenshots of what appeared to be Merle’s chats with her ex-husband.

“This is a love talk with two different people on the same day, at the same time,” Pereira added insinuating that Merle double-crossed him. “She assaulted me, thinking that I would stay quiet, but I’m not a clown to do it. I have a video of her assaulting me. As she didn’t get what she wanted, she’s trying to go up with my name,” Pereira further added.

Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend responds to cheating allegations

After Alex Pereira made cheating allegations against her, it didn’t take long for Merle to fire back. In response to Pereira’s claims that she was married to another man during her relationship with him, Merle provided a fitting response on her Instagram.

“LOL, hurt men are really trying to invent whatever. Obviously, I was married in the past, and Alex was too, but I got separated before I started a relationship with Alex,” Merle posted on her Instagram clarifying that she was indeed married but separated before she started her relationship with Pereira.

“You guys are so stupid to think that I could move to the states having a husband,” Merle added, criticizing the fans who believed Pereira’s claims about her marriage. “I broke up with Alex, by the way, and if I would start to speak about the reasons here, it wouldn’t end. Good guys, peace out.”

She further clarified that she was the one who ended the relationship with Pereira, not the other way around. Despite the relationship problems, Pereira was in attendance at the UFC 297 press conference and looks forward to defending his light heavyweight title against either Jamahal Hill or Magomed Ankalaev.

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