Tom Brady teases epic commercial for upcoming Super Bowl LVIII appearance

NFL GOAT Tom Brady for the first time since 2000, did not play in the 2023 NFL season. Since his February NFL retirement, the former quarterback has spent much of his time with family. However, the veteran never left football. He regularly shares his insights on players and games through his “Let’s Go” podcast.

Brady is also scheduled to stay connected to the sports world by becoming the lead analyst for Fox Sports. In Super Bowl 58, the icon will be in attendance but not on the field. Companies spend a lot on in-game ads during this event, making it their largest ad purchase. With massive viewership, these companies know Brady will boost their ads.

Tom Brady teases epic commercial for upcoming Super Bowl LVIII

Tom Brady and Vince Vaughn are set to team up in a humorous advertisement for the sports betting app BetMGM during the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII event on February 11, via The Drum. In a cleverly crafted teaser trailer released on Thursday, Vaughn and Brady engage in comedic banter as they prepare to address the camera. Vaughn wanted all the limelight on himself and continuously urged TB12 to move for a better shot saying, “One more big step?” before the California Cool found himself completely off-screen.

“This feels personal,” Brady hilariously said after getting out of the screen completely.

While the 15-second teaser provided a taste of the humor, the main event is a longer commercial slated for Super Bowl LVIII. Joining Vaughn and Brady in the extended spot is none other than Wayne Gretzky. The creative minds behind the advertisement belong to the acclaimed agency Highdive. It has long been known for crafting successful Big Game campaigns.

BetMGM intends to make an apparent effect in the advertising space, particularly in light of the attention received by FanDuel’s ‘Gronk Kick of Destiny.’ Events and promotions have been scheduled in order to intensify the excitement before the Big Game. The BetMGM Big Game Bash at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a remarkable event that showcases the brand’s dedication to providing unforgettable experiences for its audience.

NFL community reacts to Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LVIII commercial tease

Tom Brady continues to be a name that NFL fans will remember for a long time. When multiple quarterbacks were injured this season, passionate fans of those teams took to social media to encourage the former NFL star to contemplate a return. It is a typical situation for the experienced individual at present, as he frequently receives the request. Despite the Super Bowl teaser, there were still some sports enthusiasts who encouraged him to make a return.

A person wrote, “Unretire pls.”

Meanwhile, some netizens hoped that Brady’s BetMGM project would go well, unlike his crypto investments. Tom Terrific invested $30 million in FTX, along with his former wife. The duo had to suffer a loss of $48 million after the company collapsed. Nevertheless, it was disclosed that the former NFL QB had already been paid $55 million as part of the deal.

A fan wrote, “hope this goes better for both of you than the brady crypto commercials.”

The comment section was also full of some critics of Tom Brady who bashed him for trying to gain attention in a cring way.

A netizen wrote, “Omg Brady just retire like Jordan did and get out the spotlight. Your super cringy bro except at football.”

However, except for some, the majority of football lover’s hearts beam with joy seeing a glimpse of TB12. How excited are you to see the legend in the campaign?


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