Alexander Volkanovski shares rare insight on future ambitions after back-to-back knock out defeats: “I’m getting the belt back”

Alexander Volkanovski found it hard to deliver on the night of UFC 298 when Ilia Topuria unexpectedly delivered a knockout blow and secured the victory. Though the former champion is upset and is now making a promise to deliver what fans expected from him earlier.

Topuria is celebrating his title win by traveling all over his country, meeting the Prime Minister, and giving a visit to football games. On the other hand, Alexander Volkanovski is getting ready for redemption.

Alexander Volkanovski sheds light on future goals

Indeed, Volkanovski is upset with the loss but he hasn’t shown any sign of being hurt by the loss; instead, he is ensuring to get back to training. Volkanovski had no intentions of fighting anyone else but once again got his belt back as per his stipulated time.

Recently on his YouTube channel, Alexander Volkanovski opened up about what he is planning next after facing a UFC 298 loss. There is a depth conversion this time in the 9 minutes and 43 seconds of the recently uploaded video.

In a recently released video, Alexander Volkanovski gave a whole breakdown of the last fight at UFC 298 saying, “For most people that you know, I probably didn’t… look myself in there, and that there’s a few things that you know could come into play with that obviously… Ilia’s game plan is that even though we knew, you know, he did pretty much what we expected him to do, just things that, uh, you know, I could have done better. I just didn’t fight my fight.”

Volk also shed light on his future goal and what he is going to do, stating, “I know I ain’t fighting till the rematch, which isn’t going to be too late this year anyway, so… it’s perfect, so right now it just feels like there’s just no pressure on me.“

The former UFC featherweight champion continued, “I’m not planning on having a quick turnaround, like I did probably after that, the October fight with Islam.” Before the year ends, fans will get to see him once again fighting in the cage for the belt.

Alexander Volkanovski talks about the Ilia Topuria rematch

Volkanovski isn’t interested in a quick turnaround fight this time after suffering two losses in a row. Alexander said he will be taking some time off, then getting back to training and reclaiming the belt. He also admitted it was his fault after winning the first round; he didn’t capitalize enough in the second round, and Topuria made the right adjustment.

Later, Alexander Volkanovski added, “But my next fight will definitely 100% be the rematch. Yeah, so if he was going to do a quick turnaround, all right again, credit to him. I’ll fight him after that, but you know, if he was going to wait around and fight later in the year, that timing is perfect for me. Mark my words, I am getting that belt back.”

Though Ilia Topuria is already making a reply to the former champion suggesting he better not look for the rematch, “”It has been an honor to share the octagon with [Alexander Volkanovski]. He has been pound for pound No. 1. For his sake, he shouldn’t take revenge.”

What are your predictions for when Alexander Volkanovski gets back to the UFC cage?


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