Antonio Brown claps back at Damar Hamlin following heated online feud: “NFL n*ggas self-esteem weak”

Antonio Brown’s NFL journey had been a rollercoaster of talent and turbulence. He was initially hailed for his unmatched potential, but his career veered off course due to controversies.

Brown remains in the limelight for his candid posts on social media, ranging from slamming players like Russell Wilson or calling out NFL analysts. The ex-NFL star now again got involved in an ugly brawl with the Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and responded to him with a fiery message.

Antonio Brown fires shots at Damar Hamlin

Antonio Brown has always been known for his controversial antics both on and off the field. He recently launched a tirade against Damar Hamlin by questioning his self-esteem and threatening him with vague implications of violence.

“Somebody run my twitter fuck nigga this entertainment I’ll leave your ass sleep in a field fr boy u don’t know me like that my therapist told me you NFL niggas self esteem weak n Im always looking down,” Brown wrote.

The veteran even posted a picture of an urn engraved with Hamlin’s initials and a fabricated death date.

This is just one episode in Brown’s ongoing quest to stay relevant. He continues to engage in public feuds with various individuals, from athletes like Hamlin to media personalities and even former teammates like Tom Brady.

Brown also recently expressed his interest in joining forces with former President Donald Trump. Heproposed the idea of becoming Trump’s Vice President, suggesting that such a pairing could generate significant attention and publicity.

What is the beef between Antonio Brown and Damar Hamlin?

The feud between Damar Hamlin and Antonio Brown started when Brown inexplicably targeted Hamlin. The Bills safety had garnered admiration for his resilience following a harrowing medical scare on the field. Hamlin’s journey from a near-death experience on the football field to becoming an inspirational figure has captivated many. His resilience and positive attitude have earned him admiration.

Despite the Bills star’s inspirational story of overcoming cardiac arrest, Brown targeted him with a cryptic caption on X. He posted an image of Hamlin, with a caption that reads “#CTESPN”. He wrote it in response to a prompt ” which asked, “A fictional character’s death you have NOT gotten over”.

Hamlin fired back by calling out Brown for his erratic behavior. He also urged him to focus on positive actions rather than online antics.

“You just DM me on Monday? guess you playing lame games on twitter with my situation because I ain’t DM you back. I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you.. I used to look up to you damn near shit sad frfr. Talk bout a clone bring the real AB back!”, Hamlin wrote.

Hamlin also labeled Brown as a “weirdo” and urged him to leave social media.

“Been in my DM over a year talking to yourself. You was supposed to be an example setter. Now you the biggest weirdo we know! Get off twitter & go do some work with some kids or something. #PrayForAB”, Hamlin added with a clown emoji.

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