Arsenal supporter KSI takes sly dig at Manchester United GK Andre Onana for blunder against Bayern in UCL

Football spectators around the world expected a box-office contest from Manchester United and Bayern Munich’s Champions League encounter, and indeed it was a duel, as both teams shared seven goals. However, this thriller did not go down without a mistake and a corresponding mockery from Manchester United’s rivals.

Football banter, arising from the intense rivalries within the sport, has been a long-standing tradition. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that KSI, a renowned YouTube personality, would playfully take a jab at Andre Onana, especially considering Onana’s recent struggles with conceding multiple goals this season. It’s all in the spirit of the game and the passionate rivalries that make football so engaging for fans worldwide.

KSI trolls Andre Onana

Manchester United suffered a defeat on the road to Bayern Munich in their first 2023-24 Champions League outing. The match, which ended 4-3, was indeed competitive, though the first goal Onana conceded could have been avoided. This mistake from Andre Onana made fans draw comparisons between his performance so far and David De Gea’s record for Manchester United.

Following the error leading to a goal from Andre Onana, Arsenal enthusiast KSI confidently asserted that he maintains a higher level of skill than Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana, despite a few hiccups during Saturday’s Sidemen charity football match.


KSI made the interesting choice of guarding the goal during the game to minimize any potential injury risks ahead of his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury. His performance during the match had its moments of glory, including a notable penalty save. However, these highlights were somewhat marred by an unfortunate own goal, where he unintentionally carried the ball over his own goal-line while in possession.


After the match, SportBible inquired whether KSI believed he was on par with Onana. In response, KSI humorously quipped, “Considering his current form with those flappy hands, yes.”

In a further dig at Onana, KSI referred to Manchester United’s game against Arsenal, where Onana conceded Declan Rice’s shot at goal. “Thank you, Onana, for letting in that Rice beauty.”

KSI’s love for Arsenal

KSI is a popular figure in the digital world. He is a renowned YouTuber, boxer, and entrepreneur with over 40 million YouTube subscribers. The renowned digital influencer and entrepreneur is in a business partnership with Logan Paul, who is also an active boxer and an entrepreneur. Both parties have formed a formidable partnership to invent a range of sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks called Prime.

KSI’s love for Arsenal is so deeply rooted that the club was one of his first few targets when seeking business affiliation for Prime.


His love for Arsenal is even more apparent in his dig at Andre Onana of Manchester United. Arsenal hosted United at Emirates before the Internal break; this encounter ended in Man United’s defeat. However, KSI could not let Onana’s concession slide without throwing shade at him.

“Thank you, Onana, for letting in that Rice beauty,” he said.


Arsenal’s victory allowed them to extend their lead over United in the Premier League standings by four points as they head into the international break. The Gunners continue to maintain an undefeated record, accumulating a total of 10 points from their first four matches of the season.


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