Beyonce rocks up at LeBron James’ star-studded 39th birthday bash in Barbie outfit

The Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James recently turned 39 years old and he threw a birthday party that can be considered the biggest birthday party of the year. It was full of big names, both from Hollywood and the NBA.

The party had a custom theme and all the stars who attended it were amazingly suited up to match the theme. However, pop culture sensation Beyonce stood out the most out of all the guests.

Beyonce channels her inner Barbie at LeBron James’ birthday party

The world-renowned singer Beyonce was invited to the birthday party of the world’s most famous baseball player LeBron James and Beyonce did not disappoint. The party carried a retro 1980s theme and Beyonce donned an all-pinkish-hued one-piece dress channeling her inner Barbie. She had dyed her hair blonde and carried a designer handbag topped off with some glitter-framed sunglasses to complete the Barbie look.

Beyonce posted her complete look on her official Instagram account, which has gathered more than 35 million likes in just a day. Along with the pop star, her spouse and better half, Jay-Z, could also be seen in some of the photos wearing all-white attire. Jay-Z had donned an off-white turtleneck above, which was a white suit topped off with gangsta sunglasses and an off-white trench coat to complete the look.

LeBron James
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Anthony Davis, Ty Lue, Draymond Green, Jay Z and more groove at LeBron James’ party

The birthday party of LeBron James was a sure hit, as everyone who attended seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. It was a retro-themed party where all the guests were dressed up in the fashion sense of the 80s. A video of the party, probably made by the event management company that was in charge of handling the event, was shared by LeBron on his official Instagram account.

It was beautifully edited in a cinematic sense, carrying the retro theme of the party throughout the video. Many big names were spotted attending the party in the video. Lakers’ big man Anthony Davis, Ty Lue, Kevin Hart, Golden State star Draymond Green, and more were seen moving their bodies on the dance floor to the groovy music. The video was also a promotion for Bron’s alcohol brand Lobos and music brand Beats, as the products of both companies were featured throughout the video.

What did you think of Beyonce’s outfit for LeBron’s party? What did you think of the promo video for the party? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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