Bill Belichick joins elite club with 300 career wins after Patriots upset Bills

After seeing his coaching prowess as a defensive coordinator and head coach, the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft felt a necessity to see Bill Belichick as his team’s head coach. Belichick came, discovered a gem in Tom Brady, led the Patriots to create a win-filled dynasty and clinch six Super Bowl titles.

Nevertheless, Brady’s departure fell heavily on the Patriots head coach as soon the team’s winning streak began to fall. As concerns have previously been raised about his coaching competencies, he accomplished an incredible feat without Brady, putting an end to the doubters.

Belichick clinches 300th win

Bill Belichick has had his sights set on unseating Don Shula as the NFL’s most successful coach ever since the season began. It was evidently too difficult to complete without Tom Terrific.

Nevertheless, the Patriots coach did not lose his hope and came out with Pro level coaching technique in almost all the games. At last NFL’s Week 7 unfolded an opportunity for him as his team managed to upset the Buffalo Bills. With the win, Bill Belichick earned his milestone 300th regular season win.

Even though Belichick is still far behind Shula in the all-time win total, he now stands as just the third head coach in league history to reach 300 regular-season victories, after George Halas (318 wins) and Don Shula (328).

The record has come at the ideal time for him, as the 71-year-old received harsh criticism from NFL analysts and fans before the victory. Many of them projected that his time as the Patriots head coach would soon come to an end, while many others questioned his capacity for leadership in the absence of Brady. However, put an end to the rumors by pointing out that the coach is unlikely to be dismissed this year after agreeing to a lucrative multi-year agreement this offseason.

Patriots stun Bills in upset victory

After the consecutive losing streaks, Bill Belichick hoped to bounce back and they finally did it with a 29-25 victory over the Bills on Sunday in Foxborough, Mass. Mac Jones, the player for whom the head coach was also in hot water for trusting him, unfolded some heroic plays that assisted his team to pull out the victory. 

With 12 seconds left, Jones hit Mike Gesicki for a 1-yard touchdown throw to end the Patriots’ three-game losing run. Before that, with 7:36 remaining in the fourth quarter, he scored a touchdown on a 4-yard pass to Kendrick Bourne, giving the team a 12-point lead. The quarterback completed 25 of 30 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns before leaving the field, winning their second game in the season.

Bill Belichick
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Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, gave it his all to help the team win the game in the end. With 5:32 remaining in the game, he connected with Stefon Diggs for a 25-yard touchdown, handing the Bills a 22-17 lead. He swiftly moved to the end zone from the goal line with 1:58 remaining and awarded his team a 25-22 lead.

Nevertheless, the Bills failed at last as the night was for the Patriots and their first-string quarterback managed to assist their HC to advance one more step towards surpassing Shula as the coach with the most wins in league history.

Do you think Bill Belichick can ultimately achieve it?

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