Blazers determined to convince Damian Lillard to withdraw trade request amid Heat’s risky move

Damian Lillard’s trade request saga has been ongoing since the start of the 2023 offseason, with multiple requests to be traded to the Miami Heat being turned down. This saga began in July, and so far, none of his requests have been granted.

Damian hasn’t entirely closed the door on staying with the Portland Trail Blazers but desires to compete on a championship-contending team. Amidst this uncertainty, it appears that the Blazers are planning to hold peace talks with Damian Lillard.

Blazers’ attempt at reconciliation with Damian Lillard

Top Trail Blazer Damian Lillard has not changed his mind about wanting to be traded since he asked in the summer of 2023. The latest news from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst suggests that the Trail Blazers are now trying to reconcile with Damian Lillard by keeping him in the team and not trading him.

Damian Lillard

Windhorst mentioned, “I don’t know what their offers are, but I think they are trying to resolve this before training camp.” This report was further emphasized in a tweet posted by NBACentral on X, stating, “The Blazers are making an attempt to resolve Damian Lillard’s situation in Portland before training camp starts, per Brian Windhorst.”

Lillard has always wanted to join the Miami Heat. However, executing a fair trade deal has proven challenging for the Portland Trail Blazers, as the Miami Heat may not have enough assets to offer in exchange for Lillard. Therefore, the Blazers must decide how long they are willing to continue pursuing this trade.

Heat play high-stakes game by holding back best trade offer for Lillard

The Miami Heat are playing a risky game when it comes to Damian Lillard. They have been trying to get him on their team but they are holding back their best trade offer. This is a big gamble because Lillard has been clear that he wants to play for the Heat, and he might even stay with the Portland Trail Blazers if the trade doesn’t happen.

Damian Lillard

It appears that the Miami Heat may be hesitant to offer a substantial trade package because Damian Lillard has openly expressed his desire to join them. This could lead the Heat to believe that the Portland Trail Blazers will accept any offer due to Lillard’s strong preference, even with limited time available for negotiations. Heat star player, Jimmy Butler, is getting older and their chance to compete for an NBA championship is limited. If they don’t make a move soon, they will risk missing out on the opportunity to pair Lillard with Butler and build a championship-caliber team.

Should Damian stay with the Blazers for one more season? Or should he force his way out to the Miami Heat? Leave your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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