Brandon Aiyuk skips 49ers’ voluntary offseason program amid contract dilemma

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off their voluntary offseason program this Monday, signaling the start of preparations for the upcoming NFL season. Amid the buzz surrounding the team’s activities, all eyes are on wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, as he recently stirred up exit rumors through his social media post.

Reports indicate that he has opted out of participating in the 49ers’ off-season program. This decision comes as the 49ers receiver enters the crucial fifth year of his rookie contract, poised to negotiate a lucrative contract extension that would elevate him to the ranks of the NFL’s top wide receivers.

The standoff between Aiyuk and the 49ers is expected to persist until both parties reach a resolution on a new contract. While the 49ers are open to trade offers for Aiyuk, any interested team would need to meet demanding requirements.

One such team expressing interest is the New England Patriots, with Kendrick Bourne openly expressing his desire for a reunion with Aiyuk. Nevertheless, any potential suitor would need to be prepared to part ways with valuable draft picks and offer Aiyuk a substantial multi-year contract to secure his services, per Yahoo Sport.

Brandon Aiyuk sparks speculation with cryptic Instagram post

As the 49ers and Brandon Aiyuk are still in contract stalemate, the vet player caused a stir on social media recently after sharing a screenshot of a FaceTime call with NFL prospect Jayden Daniels. Alongside the image, he added a caption that read, “Brother said we got 6 days and it’s fireworks.”

This cryptic message immediately led to speculation about Aiyuk’s future with the 49ers, with many fans suggesting that he might be hinting at a potential move to a new team. However, his agent, Ryan Williams of Athletes First, recently dismissed all rumors regarding his trade, calling them “incorrect” and urging for an end to what he described as “fictional journalism.”

General manager John Lynch previously affirmed that the team has no plans to trade Aiyuk. Lynch previously stated that the veteran player could play out the upcoming season under his current contract, which includes a fifth-year option worth $14.1 million.

Despite the social media speculation, it appears that Aiyuk’s future with the 49ers remains unchanged for now. As the deadline mentioned in his post approaches, it may provide a clearer indication of the situation than the online rumors circulating.

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