Broncos brace for unprecedented matchup against Packers without Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers in over three decades

Among the teams of AFC West, the Denver Broncos found them as the worst one, having only managed the No.4 seed. Apart from their 3-point win over the Chicago Bears, they could not pull out any victory and rather suffered a record defeat to the Miami Dolphins.

The struggles of the team has not started from this season, rather it has been becoming a common factor for the team, letting the fans leave the stadium with teary eyes after the final whistle of the games. Nevertheless, the Russell Wilson-led team is now gearing up to face Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers for the first time with a lot of changes on the roster.

Denver Broncos set to challenge Packers with a new QB era

This season marks as the first one for the Packers to take the field without their 18-season vet Rodgers, since he took over the role from Favre. Favre was in charge of the starter of the team between 1992-2007. In 2008 he shouldered the duty on A-rod who carried it till last season before starting his new chapter with the New York Jets and becoming subject to a season-ending injury.

During the period, the Packers faced the Broncos nine times, five times with Favre and rest three times with Rodgers. Nevertheless, this is the first time for the Broncos team to battle with the Packers having Jordan Love at the center for the Packers, instead of Favre or Aaron.

Wilson, meantime, is fighting to establish his legacy on the field with the Denver squad after receiving a lot of criticism for his repeated failed attempts, which infuriated his team’s head coach as well. On the other hand, despite their struggles, the Packers squad managed to win more games with their inexperienced quarterback, Jordan Love.


In their previous match, each side prevailed seven times. Wilson will therefore have a battle to end the deadlock by demonstrating his team’s superiority over the Packers squad.

Broncos make key roster adjustments ahead of clash with Packers

As the team’s coach Sean Payton is already in hot water due to the team’s losing streak, for the Broncos the matchup with the Packers is a challenging one to bounce back and restore their legacy on the field. 

Hence, in concern of the high-voltage game, the Denver team has brought several roster adjustments, per Broncos Wire-USA Today. For offering a tough defense, Payton’s team placed tight end Greg Dulcich on injured reserve, as he is dealing with a hamstring injury.

With the move they made room for their outside linebacker Baron Browning. After placing Dulcich on the IR list, they activated Browning from the PUP list and added him on the 53-man roster.

USA Today Sports

Another big move was taken by the Broncos regarding their receiver Lil’Jordan Humphrey as they waived him to add rookie nose tackle Keondre Coburn after claiming him from the Kansas City Chiefs. 

But they could not stick to their decision with Humphrey and re-signed the receiver to the practice squad on Saturday. Soon after that, they also elevated him to their battle against the Packers. Nevertheless, for the move they had to release another receiver, Michael Bandy.

Do you think with so many changes they can finally end up breaking the winning tie with Packers and win their second victory of the season?

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