Cam Newton apologizes ‘there’s no excuse’ for his role in the altercation at the youth football competition

Cam Newton rose to prominence as the face of the Carolina Panthers for several seasons. Throughout his tenure with the team, he established himself as a formidable force. The signal-caller earned accolades and led his team to notable achievements.

Off the field, Newton’s flamboyant personality and fashion sense made him a cultural icon. He also hit the headlines several times due to his banter with fans and other NFL stars. He also got embroiled in a brawl during the “We Ball Sports” 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta. The veteran has now issued a public apology for his involvement in a recent altercation.

Cam Newton takes accountability for youth football scuffle

Cam Newton addressed the controversial scuffle that erupted at a youth football event in Atlanta, Georgia. He took full accountability for his role in the incident in a recent episode of his podcast, “4th and 1.” Following a match between TJ and Steph Brown’s “TopShelf Performance” and Newton’s “C1N” team, the incident happened.

The veteran admitted that he allowed his emotions to overpower him, saying there was no justification for his actions. He extended his apologies to all those affected, including individuals from both his organization, C1N, and TJ and Steph Brown.

“I apologize to anybody affected. That’s Steph, that’s TJ, that’s their organization, that’s C1N, — my organization — my players, my parents, my staff members. There’s no excuse, there’s really not. It could’ve been a melee, more violence could’ve stemmed from that, and it’s just not called for”, he said as per Larry Brown Sports.

The former footballer’s candid reflection extended to his own disappointment in himself, particularly in the context of being a role model for young athletes. He also expressed a sense of responsibility and regret for potentially letting them down.

“I think about the kids that look up to me, and whether they verbalize their appreciation or just stare in amazement, I feel like I let them down. Because I can’t sit up here and say, ‘Hey bro, you gotta be bigger than that’ and then all of a sudden I do that. That just goes to show you, you gotta always stay in control of your emotions.”

The early video of the scuffle might have painted Cam Newton as an innocent bystander, but whispers from the other camp hinted at his potential role in sparking the whole thing. Still, we must give credit to the guy for stepping up to the plate and owning his actions.

What caused Cam Newton to be attacked?

Cam Newton found himself at the center of attention after an 18-second video surfaced online depicting a brawl between him and other youth football coaches. The altercation reportedly stemmed from trash talk exchanged during the game, which escalated into a physical confrontation afterward. Newton admitted to engaging in verbal sparring but refrained from singling out any individuals involved.

“There was a lot of talking on both sides. On all sides, and let’s just put it like that. I don’t want to point the finger and say this person said that or that person said that,” Newton said.

However, TJ Brown accused Newton of initiating the physical altercation by grabbing Steph, which prompted others to intervene and escalate the situation into a brawl. TJ characterized the incident as “typical Cam Newton behavior on the 7-on-7 scene,” attaching it to Newton’s history of confrontations.

“I’ve been around, bro, for five years, like this is typical Cam Newton behavior. … He grabbed Steph, and if I see a 6-foot-6 guy grabbing my brother and that’s all that everybody seeing, nobody seeing Cam talking crazy for past two days,” TJ said.

However, Steph Brown expressed disappointment in his own involvement and clarified that his intent was not to harm Newton but rather to convey a message.

Despite facing multiple attackers, Newton managed to maintain his composure and handle the situation with poise, earning praise from former NFL star Robert Griffin III. Neither party chose to press charges following the altercation.


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