Chandler Jones debunks CTE myth, disclosing details on potential podcast with Antonio Brown

Beginning his NFL journey as a first-round pick for the New England Patriots in the 2012 NFL Draft, Chandler Jones gained popularity as a controversial defensive end for the team. Despite his off-field issues, he secured another chance with the Las Vegas Raiders before his journey came to an end following his release.

Jones recently stirred up trouble again by saying he didn’t believe in CTE, which didn’t go over well with football fans, even though he had left the game.

Chandler Jones on CTE 

Chandler Jones recently shared controversial views on CTE during his appearance on the Jaxxon Podcast with Antonio Brown. In a bold statement, Jones expressed skepticism about the reality of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

He adamantly declared that the process of CTE is “not real.” According to him, this includes mental and emotional trauma but not necessarily the conventional notion of trauma linked to head injuries.

“CTE is not real. I don’t believe it’s real… the T in “trauma” could be from being (censored) as a kid, from things that you went through in high school, and that can be trauma – mental trauma, emotional trauma, but not ‘blunt-force-got-punched-in-the-head’ trauma.”

Jones seems to be living in a world of misconceptions, challenging a crucial scientific understanding. This isn’t the first time he has grabbed headlines for controversial reasons. Last year, he faced legal trouble for allegedly stealing items from his ex-girlfriend and burning them in his backyard. Following his unpopular act, the police later arrested him.

A lot of people took notice of him during his troubled time with the Raiders, even though he was 33 years old. Voicing his dissatisfaction on social media, he criticized the team, owner Mark Davis, GM Dave Ziegler, and then-coach Josh McDaniels.

The former Raiders athlete said on social media that the Las Vegas Fire Department had taken him against his will to a hospital during this pandemonium, which resulted in his transfer to a behavioral health facility.

Chandler Jones revealed podcast plans with AB

In the podcast, Chandler Jones revealed plans to start a podcast with Brown as well. He aimed to challenge the existence of CTE in their proposed podcast.

CTE is a well-established degenerative brain condition linked to repetitive concussions and traumatic brain injuries, per the Indiana University School of Medicine. Despite Jones’ claim, the scientific community recognizes CTE as a genuine concern. Nevertheless, the proposed podcast lacks details, leaving uncertainty about its development. 

Meanwhile, both players experienced sudden ends to their football careers, with Jones released by the Raiders after an arrest and Brown let go by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following a disruptive on-field incident.

What’s your take on the upcoming podcast about the former football players?


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