Chandler Jones showing off tattoo with wife’s name who does not exist proves his CTE problem

In the competitive world of the NFL, where elite athleticism meets controversy, former pass rusher Chandler Jones stands out as a figure who navigates both extremes. The year 2023 proved tumultuous for him, as he found himself entangled in off-field issues that sparked concern from both the league and legal authorities.

From heated altercations with the team’s front office to hosting unconventional live videos, the footballer consistently made headlines for his offbeat activities. He has recently come to discussion for showcasing a peculiar tattoo and delivering his comment on CTE that has raised eyebrows.

Chandler Jones shows off tattoo with imaginary wife’s name

Chandler Jones earlier hit the headlines for boldly tattooing ‘Messiah’ on his forehead without numbing cream. He has now unveiled a tattoo bearing the name of his “spiritual wife,” a person he claims he has never met or communicated with.

“That’s my spiritual wife. I connect with her in a way, I’ve never met her, I’ve never communicated with this woman”, he said.

This unconventional revelation adds to a string of unusual incidents involving Jones. Last year, legal troubles arose when he allegedly stole items from his ex-girlfriend and burned them in his backyard. The incident led to his arrest and subsequent release from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Not unfamiliar with making cryptic statements, the veteran once claimed on social media that the Raiders owner, Mark Davis, had a significant secret that only he knew. He later retracted the statement by asserting that his account had been “hacked.”

Even in the midst of getting the ‘Messiah’ tattoo, Chandler Jones took a moment to share a peculiar encounter. He claimed to have heard the voice of his late mother, Camille, advising him to stop getting tattoos. With a chuckle, he even apologized to his mother for his inked choices.

Chandler Jones reveals Antonio Brown link up to prove “CTE is not real”

Chandler Jones has made waves by expressing skepticism about the reality of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) during his recent appearance on the Jaxxon Podcast with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Jones, who has faced speculation regarding potential mental health issues resulting from years of hard hits, boldly declared his disbelief in CTE.

Despite medical consensus that CTE can only be definitively diagnosed postmortem, the veteran adamantly insists that he does not suffer from the condition. He admitted uncertainty about the acronym of CTE.

“CTE is not real. I don’t believe it’s real… the T in “trauma” could be from being (censored) as a kid, from things that you went through in high school, and that can be trauma – mental trauma, emotional trauma, but not ‘blunt-force-got-punched-in-the-head’ trauma”, he said.

Chandler Jones even revealed plans to launch a podcast challenging the existence of CTE alongside ex-Albany Empire owner Antonio Brown. Despite the ambitious venture, he did not provide details about the podcast’s release date.


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