Chet Holmgren takes down post with Josh Giddey following OKC Thunder guard’s underage dating allegations

Josh Giddey, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s shooting guard joined the franchise in the 2021 NBA draft as the sixth overall pick. Unfortunately for the player, Giddey is witnessing his promising career going down the drain, owing to alleged involvement with a minor.

Following the waxing allegations, Giddey’s friend and teammate Chet Holmgren has seemingly submitted a clue on the case. Holmgren, apparently, has backed away from associating with Josh Giddey per his recent actions.

Chet Holmgren deletes post with Josh Giddey

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey has been allegedly accused of being in a relationship with a reported underage high school student. The NBA fans are eagerly waiting to get more information on the case which could end Josh Giddey’s career.

Though there are no clear statements to affirm the authenticity of the allegations, there are many clues that shed more light on the situation, which include Giddey’s friend and teammate Chet Holmgren.

OKC sensation Chet Holmgren takes down  his post with Josh Giddey following his team mate underage dating scandal
Josh Giddey Via Getty

Chet Holmgren, a 2022 NBA draft, was reported to have deleted a post that shows a 20th October bromance where he bragged about his connection with Giddey. Again, a visit to Chet’s account shows that the reposted tweet isn’t there anymore, and he is also reported to have unfollowed Giddey, which gives more clues to uncovering the gravity of the whole situation.

Nevertheless, the arrival of Chet Holmgren to the Thunder was highly praised, owing to his chemistry with Giddey, which has propelled the team’s on-court success with an impressive 11-4 start to the season. But with this scandal, the dynamic could be affected greatly as the season progresses.

Josh Giddey accused of underage dating allegations

Josh Giddey, the Thunder’s promising star, is the latest to be in the midst of a scandal that has bewildered the NBA world. The pictures and videos of Giddey with a girl named Livv Cook, reportedly underage, had gone viral on the internet which leads to a potential statutory rape allegation per Marca.

OKC sensation Chet Holmgren takes down  his post with Josh Giddey following his team mate underage dating scandal
Josh Giddey Via Getty

The allegations were initiated when an anonymous person posted images of the two together before it was subsequently taken down. Unfortunately, it had already affected Giddey’s reputation.

The girl in question Livv Cook, who is said to be a high school sophomore, was seen in the post which captioned the explicit images with strong claims of engaging in sexual intercourse with the 21-year-old Giddey.

Furthermore, the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, which makes any involvement between Giddey and a 15-year-old a criminal offense. While the actual date of this occurrence isn’t certain, and the pictures probably show two different women at separate times. The allegations are left to be closely investigated for accuracy, as Giddey’s promising career hangs in the balance.

As concerns continue to mount, fans and observers are eagerly waiting to hear from the Thunder and Giddey, whose comments on the scandal aren’t made public yet.

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