Chiefs fans plead for DT Chris Jones signing after the team teases Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce photos ahead of NFL week 1

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming from a Lombardi trophy-winning season in which Patrick Mahomes rendered his supremacy as the team’s leader while Chris Jones performed his duty as the perfect guardsman for Mahomes. However, due to a trade dispute with the Chiefs, the relationship between Jones and the Chiefs is swirling in the air.

This unpopular situation generated a major concern for the defensive tackle’s fans, hence before the regular season they are urging to get the vet player back in the team facility with a lucrative deal.

Chiefs fans plead the franchise to “sign” DT Chris Jones

Jones is in the final year of his deal with the Chiefs, and in order to extend it, reportedly he wants to strike a compromise between the Chiefs’ current offer and Donald’s $31.67 million. But, Andy Reid’s team is not ready to accept his offer which led the DT to go for holding out.

After missing the whole training camp and preseason games, Chris is ready to hold out until Week 1. The Chiefs are seemingly less concerned with the future of Chris as Reid cleared that they are out of communication with him at this moment. In the middle of these circumstances, the Chiefs posted a photo collage of Mahomes and Travis Kelce, captioning it, “Week one” in X.

After that, the team’s fans opened up demanding a deal for Chris Jones as they’re really concerned with the future of the player in Kansas City following the team’s careless move regarding his deal.

“Sign Chris Jones. First,” one comment read on their post.

Both Mahomes and Kelce voiced before regarding the defensive tackle’s contract requesting the Chiefs to pay Chris his expected deal. Now, the fans also urging that the Chiefs should pay their strongest defensive lineman as soon as possible.

One fan commented, “Pay #95”.

“Quit trolling jones,” another fan expressed his disappointment over the Chiefs asserting the post as a humiliation for their vet player.

Jones is already owed $2 M for allegedly missing the camp. Hence, the fans demanded a contract offer for Jones since his connection with the Chiefs is deteriorating day by day, hinting at a potential divorce.

What happens if Chris Jones is not on the active roster vs. the Lions in NFL Week 1?

Chris Jones was selected for the first team of the AP All-Pros last season after demonstrating his playmaking skills more than ever. His pass-rushing prowess and run-stopping abilities have garnered him high praise throughout these seasons with the Chiefs, and in 2022, he finished third in the vote for Defensive Player of the Year.

The defending Super Bowl champions will currently start their Week 1 game against the Detroit Lions without their undisputed defensive player. He is the defensive anchor for the Chiefs and is capable of playing all four positions, so, Reid’s system would surely have to struggle greatly without him.

Chris Jones

The Chiefs should keep in mind that while the 29-year-old wasn’t on the field last season, the Chief’s defense allegedly saw a 4.4% decline in pressure rate and a 1.3% drop in sack rate. His absence will therefore definitely have an impact on the Chief’s defense as a whole.

Although Mahomes’ team has players who can fill Jones’ job, no one on the roster is capable of performing Jones’ like the player himself.

The Chiefs will likely comprehend his absence in their Week 1 match. Till then, stay tuned!

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