Chiefs’ Travis Kelce unveiled hilariously awkward first date tale in candid interview

First dates are surely one of the most nerve-wracking periods of any young man’s life. Every guy has experienced that first awkward conversation at least once in their life. In most cases, the couple tends to get past the embarrassing period, but it still becomes a story to tell afterward.

When you are Travis Kelce, arguably one of the most sought-after NFL players of this generation, dating women should come easy. However, as we found out, that is not always the case.

Travis shared quirky first-date anecdote

In an old clip that has recently surfaced online, Travis Kelce is seen reminiscing about a hilarious anecdote with journalist Brandon Wenerd. In that clip, he says, “It had always been a dream of mine to one day be able to date or talk to a playmate. Just growing up, in the Playboy Mansion, seeing Hugh Hefner, I mean that was the ideal player, the manly man. So to be able to talk to one of the bunnies, I was like, you know what, that would be awesome.”

He added, “I finally got the chance. I was talking to a young lady and she came to Kansas City for an event I was throwing and absolutely made me despise how she acted. I just think that they’re treated so well at the mansion that when she got to Kansas City, and Kansas City is NOT the mansion. So for her to expect me to fall on my knees and do anything for her, it pissed her off. I kind of made her upset. I guess she was used to being the center of attention.”

Well, when you are Travis Kelce, it is surely hard to see someone else hog the limelight. He added more, “At the event, she started complaining that I wasn’t showing her enough attention. And I was like, It is MY event, I have to work the room.”

Who are Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriends?

The Kansas City Chiefs TE is the current love interest of 33-year-old pop sensation Taylor Swift. But he had dated a handful of women in the past, including Kayla Nicole, whose recent antics are doing the rounds on social media.

Before dating Taylor, Kelce had two notable relationships with Maya Benberry and Kayla Nicole. The Chiefs’ tight end dated Benberry during the filming of his own show, “Catching Kelce,” in 2016, where he dated 50 women at once, one from each state. However, their relationship ended the same year, a few months after the show concluded. In fact, during their breakup, Maya Benberry even accused Travis Kelce of infidelity.

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce’s relationship was way less tumultuous than his previous one, as the couple went steady for more than half a decade. Eventually, they broke it off in 2022 as Kelce went for greener pastures. Eventually, Kayla Nicole also had to unfollow Travis Kelce’s mates, including Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, owing to her diminishing mental state after the breakup.

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