Christian Wood addresses rumors about his free agency contract struggles, looks to have a breakout Lakers season

Christian Wood who has just signed a two-year deal with the Lakers after a spell with the Dallas Mavericks, is quite aware of the negative fame that has accompanied him across his several career years in the NBA. Christian on his part, doesn’t believe he earned the negative fame with regards to his game.

Despite whatever news flies around Wood, he is determined to use it as fuel for the upcoming season with the Los Angeles Lakers after he secured a two-year deal.

Christian Wood tackles his free agency speculations

Since things fell apart between Christian Wood and the Dallas Mavericks, it had been going around that he is not a good teammate and not coachable which made him a free agent most of the summer. Most people didn’t expect that his hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers would find him a good fit for their future aspirations.

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Wood’s NBA off-season has been rough and have seen his name dragged through the mud for most of the summer. He decided to open up about the negative news flying around during the Lakers’ Media Day. Christian said, “I think there’s a lot of false narrative out there that was about me… I’ve never had any problems with any team… This will probably be one of my most motivated seasons.” The Lakers big man Christian Wood cleared the air on the rumors about his character.

A motivated Christian Wood could be a sign that the Lakers opted for him at the right time, while Coach Ham has also promised him a big role in the team, which could paint him as the player to watch next season.

Christian Wood seeks a Lakers breakout season

Christian Wood has been reportedly motivated to hit the court running after he switched to the LA Lakers on a two-year deal.  A motivated Christian Wood is aiming and determined for a better future with the Lakers. In a video posted by Coach Rome on X formerly known as Twitter, Christian Wood disclosed that he has no clue about starting or staying on the bench, but he is ready to give his best to the team.

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Christian Wood, often labeled as a locker room cancer with a negative attitude, was questioned about his potential starting role with the Lakers. He responded by saying he’s not concerned about that; he simply wants to win games.

Wood said, “I have one goal. My goal is to get to the playoffs. I haven’t been to the playoffs yet in my career,” he continued, “So, that’s a big thing for me. It’s really like a major thing for me, you know, the ultimate end goal.”

He seems to have all his focus on the team’s glory, on the team making it to the NBA playoff, and not on individual achievement like starting every game. However, it seems obvious that all Christian Wood needs now is support from the Lakers fans to see him succeed as he is fully ready to go for the new season.

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