Cleveland Cavaliers: Current injury status, schedule for NBA 2023-24 season

The 2023-24 NBA season has kicked off and the Cleveland Cavaliers fans are excited to see their team back on the court. The schedule for the 82 regular games for the Cavaliers looks very exciting with a bunch of thrilling matchups for the fans to enjoy.

Although the Cavaliers were not very active in signing new players or trading with other teams in the off-season, they did make a few considerable changes that are expected to show results in the 2023-24 season. Some players from the Cavs will not start the season right away. Therefore, here is the injury status and schedule for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cavaliers’ current injury status for NBA 2023-24 season

The list of injuries is short for the Cavs. The Center for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jarrett Allen is out with an ankle injury and will not be participating in games until 27 October at the latest. The point guard for the Cavaliers, Darius Garland is also injured with a hamstring injury. There is no news on his expected comeback, and it will be a game-time decision.

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Dean Wade, the power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers is ill and will not be able to compete in matches for the time being, his return will also be a game-time decision. The other guard for the Cavs, Ricky Rubio will not be participating in the upcoming matches due to personal reasons and is expected to be out of action until at least January 1st.

Cavaliers’ NBA 2023-24 regular season schedule

The 2023-24 NBA season will be an 82-game season where 41 games will be played at home for the Cavaliers and 41 games will be played on the road. Here is a comprehensive schedule for the regular season games of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2023-24 NBA season.

Oct 25, 2023Brooklyn NetsW 114-113Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Oct 27, 2023Oklahoma City Thunder7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Oct 28, 2023Indiana Pacers7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Oct 31, 2023New York Knicks7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 1, 2023New York Knicks7:30 pmMadison Square Garden
Nov 3, 2023Indiana Pacers7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Nov 5, 2023Golden State Warriors6:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 8, 2023Oklahoma City Thunder8:00 pmPaycom Center
Nov 11, 2023Golden State Warriors8:30 pmChase Center
Nov 13, 2023Sacramento Kings10:00 pmGolden 1 Center
Nov 15, 2023Portland Trail Blazers10:00 pmModa Center at the Rose Quarter
Nov 17, 2023Detroit Pistons7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 19, 2023Denver Nuggets6:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 21, 2023Philadelphia 76ers7:30 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 22, 2023Miami Heat7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 25, 2023Los Angeles Lakers7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 26, 2023Toronto Raptors7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 28, 2023Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Nov 30, 2023Portland Trail Blazers7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Dec 2, 2023Detroit Pistons7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 11, 2023Orlando Magic7:00 pmAmway Center
Dec 14, 2023Boston Celtics7:30 pmTD Garden
Dec 16, 2023Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Dec 18, 2023Houston Rockets7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Dec 20, 2023Utah Jazz7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Dec 21, 2023New Orleans Pelicans7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Dec 23, 2023Chicago Bulls8:00 pmUnited Center
Dec 27, 2023Dallas Mavericks8:30 pmAmerican Airlines Center
Dec 29, 2023Milwaukee Bucks7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 1, 2024Toronto Raptors7:30 pmScotiabank Arena
Jan 3, 2024Washington Wizards7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 5, 2024Washington Wizards7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 7, 2024San Antonio Spurs1:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 11, 2024Brooklyn Nets2:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 15, 2024Chicago Bulls7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 17, 2024Milwaukee Bucks7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 20, 2024Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmState Farm Arena
Jan 22, 2024Orlando Magic7:00 pmAmway Center
Jan 24, 2024Milwaukee Bucks8:00 pmFiserv Forum
Jan 26, 2024Milwaukee Bucks8:00 pmFiserv Forum
Jan 29, 2024Los Angeles Clippers7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Jan 31, 2024Detroit Pistons7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 1, 2024Memphis Grizzlies10:00 pmFedExForum
Feb 3, 2024San Antonio Spurs8:30 pmFrost Bank Center
Feb 5, 2024Sacramento Kings7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 7, 2024Washington Wizards7:00 pmCapital One Arena
Feb 8, 2024Brooklyn Nets7:30 pmBarclays Center
Feb 10, 2024Toronto Raptors7:30 pmScotiabank Arena
Feb 12, 2024Philadelphia 76ers7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 14, 2024Chicago Bulls7:30 pmUnited Center
Feb 22, 2024Orlando Magic7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 23, 2024Philadelphia 76ers7:30 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 25, 2024Washington Wizards6:00 pmCapital One Arena
Feb 27, 2024Dallas Mavericks7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 28, 2024Chicago Bulls8:00 pmUnited Center
Mar 1, 2024Detroit Pistons7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 3, 2024New York Knicks7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 5, 2024Boston Celtics7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 6, 2024Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmState Farm Arena
Mar 8, 2024Minnesota Timberwolves7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 10, 2024Brooklyn Nets7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 11, 2024Phoenix Suns7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 13, 2024New Orleans Pelicans8:00 pmSmoothie King Center
Mar 16, 2024Houston Rockets5:00 pmToyota Center
Mar 18, 2024Indiana Pacers7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 20, 2024Miami Heat7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 22, 2024Minnesota Timberwolves8:00 pmTarget Center
Mar 24, 2024Miami Heat6:00 pmKaseya Center
Mar 25, 2024Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 27, 2024Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmSpectrum Center
Mar 29, 2024Philadelphia 76ers7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 31, 2024Denver Nuggets3:30 pmBall Arena
Apr 2, 2024Utah Jazz9:00 pmDelta Center
Apr 3, 2024Phoenix Suns10:00 pmFootprint Center
Apr 6, 2024Los Angeles Lakers3:30 Arena
Apr 7, 2024Los Angeles Clippers3:30 Arena
Apr 10, 2024Memphis Grizzlies7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Apr 12, 2024Indiana Pacers7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Apr 14, 2024Charlotte Hornets1:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

The longest stretch of home games for the Cavaliers is 6 games, starting on Jan 4, 2024, against the Washington Wizards and ends on January 18, 2024, against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The matches against the Chicago Bulls will be the most exciting ones to watch as the rivalry between the two teams is historic. Apart from the Bulls, the matchups with the Golden State Warriors will be worth investing time into as both teams have met several times in the NBA Finals and have established a healthy rivalry between themselves.

Do you think the Cavaliers will be able to manage without their injured players? Which matchups are you excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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