Comedian Tracy Morgan supports Giants’ Tommy DeVito living at home: “Can’t just get coaching on the field”

The New York Giants, led by promising star Tommy DeVito, started the 2023 NFL season with a blowout 0-40 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Though they secured a win in the next game, the rest of the journey had been full of disappointments. Besides going through the back-to-back injuries of Daniel Jones, the team’s struggle on the field was visible

However, the Giants recently sparked excitement by winning two consecutive games in the last two weeks, and DeVito played a pivotal role in that. Nevertheless, the signal-caller has recently gotten embroiled in a controversy due to one of his personal habits, and comedian Tracy Morgan has stretched his hand to support the QB amid the trolling phase.

Tracy Morgan weighs in on Giants’ Tommy DeVito living with parents

Besides shining on the field, Tommy DeVito hit the headlines for not moving out of his parents’ house despite being a grown man. ESPN’s Jordan Raanan shed light on the Giants star’s living situation.

Speaking candidly to ESPN, the young star defended his decision to remain at home, attributing it to the demands and pressures of his role as a rookie quarterback. “Everything that I need is there at the house,” he explained. “This level of football is stressful… Everything outside of football is handled by my family.”

The quarterback highlighted the immense workload and mental strain of his position and said his family’s support alleviates non-football-related stresses. He expressed his gratitude for his parents’ unwavering support in everything from laundry to home-cooked meals and even quipped, “My mom still makes my bed.”

However, this honest confession triggered a wave of mocking comments from some fans, questioning his maturity and independence. Despite the backlash, comedian Tracy Morgan voiced support for DeVito’s choice. He emphasized the significance of familial care and supported the signal-caller’s need for it.

“That’s a good thing, that’s healthy. You want to get all the caregiving you can get from them. He needs it. Can’t just get coaching on the field,” he said via

Beyond the controversies, the rookie star’s family has become an intriguing subject among NFL enthusiasts. During the Giants’ Week 12 game against the New England Patriots, the QB’s father mirrored his son’s touchdown celebration, which is pinching his fingers together and tossing his hand in the air.

DeVito earns celebrity status after winning back-to-back games

Undrafted and faced with a choice between a more lucrative offer from Washington and staying close to home with the Giants, DeVito opted for the latter despite not making the initial 53-man roster. His decision proved serendipitous, as injuries sidelined both Daniel Jones and primary backup Tyrod Taylor, thrusting DeVito into a pivotal role.

The New Jersey native didn’t just fill the quarterback vacuum; he exceeded expectations, achieving celebrity status with back-to-back wins against the Commanders and Patriots. Remarkably, these were the very teams vying for his talents earlier in the season. The signal-caller’s performances, amassing 437 yards and four touchdowns without a single interception, have catapulted him from a third-string quarterback to a folk hero.

Tommy DeVito

Making his NFL debut just days before Halloween, the QB has injected much-needed positivity and swagger into a Giants team desperate to get rid of their bad luck regarding their quarterbacks.

Devito’s journey from an undrafted player to a rising star highlights the unpredictable nature of football, where opportunities arise and underdogs seize the moment.


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