Commanders rumored to pursue Bill Belichick as next HC amid Julian Edelman’s bold take on Patriots future

Coach Bill Belichick entered the season with lofty goals of surpassing Don Shula after leading the New England Patriots for two decades. Nevertheless, notable losses have now thrust him into the hot seat. With the Patriots out of playoff contention and the NFL season racing toward its conclusion, speculation about Belichick’s future with the team has intensified.

In the midst of these reports indicating a potential end to Belichick’s tenure, former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has provided his perspective on the unfolding situation.

Julian Edelman weighs in on Patriots’ HC search

In response to a question on the “Pardon My Take” podcast about his preference for the next New England Patriots head coach between Vrabel and Mayo, Julian Edelman expressed his admiration for both candidates.

He mentioned being a fan of both Mike Vrabel and Jerod Mayo. Edelman suggested that if he were involved in the coaching selection process, he would lean towards hiring an offensive-minded coach, considering the team’s circumstances and the draft pick they possess.

“I’m a fan of both… if I were to go that route of hiring a coach with the pick that they [have]… I would want to probably have an offensive-minded guy.”

Meanwhile, in response to Belichick’s ending an era with the Patriots, Edelman, in an interview with WBZ’s Nick Giovanni, expressed his ambiguity about Bill Belichick’s future. The former Patriots player acknowledged that the current tumultuous discussions about Belichick’s tenure wouldn’t surprise him, whether he stays or departs from the Patriots.

“Right now, with the mayhem, what’s going on with all this talk — I don’t know. Would it surprise me if he’s there [in 2024]? No. Would it surprise me if he’s gone? No.”

Edelman, however, expressed his hope for an amicable resolution between Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, making it clear that in the unpredictable scenario of the NFL, such situations are inevitable.

Meanwhile, reports have circulated indicating that Belichick’s tenure with the Patriots could conclude at the end of the current season. Patriots’ team insider Tom Curran hinted at a decision to part ways with Bill Belichick after this season, contributing to the mounting uncertainty.

Speculation swirls as Commander’s eye Belichick for HC role

The 2023 Washington Commanders are undergoing one of their worst seasons, sitting at the bottom of the NFC division with 4-10 records. Hence, the franchise is undergoing a comprehensive self-evaluation, particularly under the new ownership of Josh Harris. The focus now extends beyond the field to questions about the job security of head coach Ron Rivera and the swirling rumors of potential replacements.

One name that has surfaced in recent speculation is the legendary Bill Belichick, whose status and achievements notably parallel Washington’s recent playoff history. With only one playoff berth in the last four years, Belichick’s potential availability has become a topic of discussion.

Former NFL star Boomer Esiason has also weighed in on the coaching carousel, envisioning Bill Belichick as a strong candidate for the head coaching position with either the Washington Commanders or the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Prior to him, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported on the chatter within league circles. He suggested that, at the conclusion of the season, the Commanders may explore a trade with the Patriots to secure Belichick’s services, per SB Nation.

Meanwhile, the Chargers, in particular, have been the subject of multiple headlines regarding the two-decade Patriots coach’s potential landing spot. ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky contributed to the speculation during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, offering his prediction that the age-defying Bill Belichick could find his next coaching role with the Los Angeles Chargers.

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