Commissioner of NFL Roger Goodell clarifies stance on tush-push, claiming hip-drop tackle must be banned from the league

As the NFL approaches the climax of the season, the pursuit of the coveted Lombardi Trophy intensifies, unfolding a spectacle of fierce battles on the gridiron. Nevertheless, with this heightened competition comes the haunting specter of injuries that can profoundly impact players, echoing the personal experience of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who suffered a concussion during his senior year playing baseball at Bronxville.

Hence, the commissioner has found himself revisiting the discussion on two particularly perilous plays within the league. While decisive action is being taken to ban one of these plays, the other is undergoing meticulous scrutiny.

Roger Goodell wants to ban hip-drop tackle

The NFL has set its sights on banning the controversial hip-drop tackle during the upcoming offseason. Commissioner Roger Goodell, along with Troy Vincent, the league’s executive vice president of football operations, announced their intention to take action against this technique which has raised concerns about increased injury risks.

The hip-drop tackle is characterized by a defender grabbing a ball carrier, spinning around the ball carrier’s body, and falling on the back of the ball carrier’s legs. The play increases the risk of injury by 25 times the rate of a standard tackle.

It has become a focal point of discussion at the NFL owners’ meetings in Irving, Texas. This technique, often resulting in severe injuries, has prompted Goodell and league officials to address the issue head-on. 

During the meeting with NFL team owners, Roger Goodell expressed a strong desire to see the hip-drop tackle banned for the 2024 season. He emphasized the need for collective efforts to remove this technique from the game. According to his opinion, the elevated number of occurrences throughout the current season and the potentially devastating impact on player health have led them to bring the play under consideration.

“I think we all should work to get that out of the game. The injuries could be very devastating. We saw that also: It’s not just happening at the NFL level; it’s happening at other levels. It’s something that we have to work very hard to get removed this spring. We have to get the hip-drop tackle out of the league.”

The decision to address the hip-drop tackle comes after the league’s competition committee considered a prohibition on this technique last offseason but took no action at that time. 

The severity of injuries caused by this technique was underscored by the season-ending exit of Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl tight end Mark Andrews and other high-profile players, including Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith and Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill. 

 Roger Goodell talks on banning tush-push

The strategic maneuvers on the field often become a topic of debate, and one such play that has stirred controversy is the “Tush Push.” This tactical move, alternatively known as the “Brotherly Shove,” often sees the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line collectively propel quarterback Jalen Hurts forward during short-yardage situations. 

While the play boasts an astonishing success rate, it has not been without its share of criticism, with concerns raised about both its effectiveness and potential risks to player safety.

The Tush Push has become synonymous with the Eagles’ offensive strategy, particularly in short-yardage situations where a powerful surge from the offensive line aids Hurts in gaining crucial yardage. The play’s effectiveness has made it a staple in the Eagles’ playbook, but its success has also brought it under scrutiny.

One notable concern revolves around the mass of players involved in the Tush Push, raising injury worries due to the close-quarters engagement between offensive linemen and defenders. Critics argue that the sheer force exerted during the play poses a risk to player well-being and warrants careful consideration.

Recently, reports surfaced that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed a desire to see the Tush Push banned as early as next season. Nevertheless, Goodell later disputed these reports, clarifying that he had not taken a definitive position on the matter.

Yet, the commissioner assured that it may be taken in March of next year after getting more information regarding the play.

“I haven’t taken a position on that one. … I think we want to look at if there’s enough data to look at the safety of it. … It’s important to hear the different perspectives. … I’m sure we’ll have a position by March.”

It appears probable that the play will undergo examination during the offseason, but the consensus to outlaw it would necessitate the approval of 24 teams through a vote, per NBC.

Notable figures, including NFL legend Tom Brady, have expressed opposition to the play, citing concerns about the potential repercussions for quarterbacks executing this strategic move.

Do you think that tush push should also be banned?

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