Conor McGregor bolsters presidential ambition after UFC icon reveals building 1,000 houses to combat Ireland’s homelessness problem

Conor McGregor recently announced his comeback in style with a hilarious tweet on social media platform X. The former two-division champion, who broke his leg in the fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, will now make his comeback on June 29, 2024, at the International Fight Week.

Even before the fight announcement, McGregor was in the headlines due to a series of tweets that were outright political concerning the political scenario of the Republic of Ireland. The ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor also announced the birth of his fourth child on social media.

Conor McGregor aims to end Ireland’s homelessness issue alone

Conor McGregor recently announced via his X that he is close to building 1,000 homes in his country to address the rampant homelessness problem. The Irish National News Service, RTE News recently released a report by the Department of Housing that revealed that 13,500 people, including more than 4000 children, were homeless in Ireland as of November 2023.

“Update on my end. I am now at close to 1000 homes in construction, readying for construction, or already completed construction across Ireland at the moment.”, tweeted McGregor updating the progress of his plan to build 1000 homes for the homeless in Ireland. McGregor further bashed certain news channels for what he perceived as a fake report.

McGregor also said that he housed 10 families during Christmas and he sees it as the first part of doing bigger things. “Do your part! Put your money where your mouth is! Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk,” McGregor concluded the tweet by calling out the politicians of Ireland.

It needs to be noted that McGregor’s recent philanthropic endeavors might be related to his political ambitions. McGregor’s last opponent inside the octagon, Dustin Poirier, is also a philanthropist with his charitable organization, ‘The Good Fight Foundation’.

Conor McGregor’s ambition to become Ireland’s president might come true

Conor McGregor recently announced his interest in becoming the President of the Republic of Ireland with a tweet. He followed it up with a second tweet of an AI-generated image of the McGregor family in front of the Aras an Uachtarain, the residential palace of the Irish President. Many people believe that McGregor’s most recent involvement in the charitable endeavor is an effort to support his presidential ambitions.

The issue of homelessness in Ireland is a pressing crisis, and McGregor’s active participation demonstrates his potential as a compassionate leader. As McGregor tackles the homelessness crisis in his country, his popularity is set to soar. However, the transformation of McGregor from a polarizing MMA fighter to a possible contender for the presidency is undeniably a remarkable tale.

With McGregor’s involvement in the social welfare matters of the country, it’s highly plausible that he has a big shot at becoming the President of Ireland. McGregor’s compatriot and former UFC fighter Paddy Holohan was a South Dublin County Councilor. Moreover, McGregor has in the past met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and spoken highly of him.

Moreover, former UFC fighters like BJ Penn and Tito Ortiz contested elections in the USA for the Republican Party. Ortiz became the mayor of Huntington Beach but resigned after six months. Penn unsuccessfully ran for governor of his native Hawaii.

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