LeBron James makes his feelings crystal clear about Lakers after 4th straight loss

The Los Angeles Lakers are not having the sweetest time in the league right now as the losses in the regular season are starting to pile up. The team’s ace LeBron James gave his honest opinion about the status of his team after their fourth straight loss on Friday.

The Lakers faced the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night, unable to secure the win and contributing to an already growing losing streak. James addressed the matter, expressing that his eldest son, Bronny, is ready to play for the Lakers.

LeBron reacts to latest loss

The Los Angeles Lakers were dominated by the Memphis Grizzlies in their matchup on Friday as the Grizzlies took away victory with a final score of 127-113. The Grizzlies have been a different team entirely ever since the return of their star Ja Morant who was suspended from the league for associating with firearms on social media.

The Lakers allowed Morant’s team to to score a season-high 23 three-pointers in the game which is not a record to be proud of. LeBron James and Anthony Davis did all they could by putting out great performances but were not able to save their team.

Before the game, Lakers head coach, Darvin Ham, commended the team’s improvement in certain areas and publicly expressed confidence in his job security, addressing rumors about his potential dismissal. Following the loss, LeBron James participated in a post-game interview, displaying visible frustration.

On being asked about the performance of the Lakers in the past 13 games Bron said, “I don’t know, I am not really thinking that far in the past right now. It was just two games, we just suck right now!”

LeBron James
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LeBron claims son Bronny can easily play for Lakers right now

LeBron James, the Lakers’ ace, appeared visibly frustrated in the post-game interview, most likely due to his team’s poor performance, considering them one of the powerhouses. During the same interview, when the advertisement break occurred, the interviewer asked LeBron James about his thoughts on his eldest son, Bronny James, and whether he would be starting in his college game the next day.

LeBron James gave an answer that has taken many people by surprise, he claimed that given the current situation, it was the right time for his son to play for the Lakers. He reportedly said, “he could play for us right now. easy. EASY.”

Bronny James has been crushing ever since coming back to the game. He is currently on time restrictions on his college games but he doesn’t miss to leave his mark every time he plays. His father recently applauded him for his performance in a recent college game and said that his form was getting better.

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